Scientific American Frontiers - Season 14

PBS (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Coming Into America
    Coming Into America from the show Scientific American Frontiers is a documentary program that is written, produced and directed by Graham Chedd. Hosted by Alan Alda the program is split into four short segments, Who Was Arlington Springs Woman? Clovis: A Primer, Clovis First?, Were the First Americans European? and By Land and Sea. During each section Alan looks at changes in technology that are leading archaeologists to re discover the origins of the first American settlers.moreless
  • The Dark Side of the Universe
    The Dark Side of the Universe is the fifth episode in the fourteenth season of Scientific American Frontiers, a PBS documentary series hosted by Alan Alda. In this episode, Alda meets with a group of astronomers studying Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Does these astronomers research prove that our universe is only one of many?moreless
  • Hot Times in Alaska
    Hot Times in Alaska from the show Scientific American Frontiers is an educational documentary program that is hosted by author and actor Alan Alda. The program features four short films, Canary in a Coal Mine, The Heat is On, Squirrels in Decline and The Trouble With Shrubs to highlight the impact climate change in Alaska is having upon wildlife and the environment.moreless
  • Future Car
    Future Car
    Episode 3
    Future Car, hosted by Alan Alda, is the third episode in the fourteenth season of Scientific American Frontiers, a PBS documentary series. To determine the future of the automobile industry, Alda and the FRONTIERS scientist visit the three biggest automobile manufacturers in the United States. What does Alda and the team learn during their visits?moreless
  • Don't Forget!
    Don't Forget!
    Episode 2
    Scientific American Frontiers is a PBS series that focused on informing viewers about the latest developments in the fields of science and medicine. Presented by Alan Alda, "Don't Forget!" looks at how the human brain creates memories; how we store and recall those memories; and how some memories can be lost.moreless
  • Losing It
    Losing It
    Episode 1
    In this episode of Losing It, scientists study effortlessly to try to understand the complexity of the weight-control system of the human body. Host, Alan Alda, teams up with 10 other volunteers, who all attempt to lose unwanted pounds. Other segments: Weighing In, Heavy Hormones?, Losing Weight with Surgery, The Low-fat, No-fat Myth and Counting Down.moreless