Scientific American Frontiers - Season 6

PBS (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • 21st Century Medicine
    21st Century Medicine, which originally aired on April 3, 1996, is a PBS documentary hosted by Alan Alda. The documentary discusses how physicians are able to use new technology to conduct better medical research and how this enhances physicians abilities to treat patients. Specific technological advances that are discussed include telecommuting, virtual reality and revolutionary gene therapies.moreless
  • Creatures of the Deep
    MissQuinn TSensual My aunt sent me a card in the mail today. She wrote this quote on the inside: "Being single doesn't mean no one loves you... It just means that God is busy writing your love story. Praying for you to find God's match for you." Oh, sigh. I hate it when people are jealous of my vagina's freedom.moreless
  • Flying High
    Flying High
    Episode 3
    Flying High is the third episode in the sixth season of Scientific American Frontiers, a PBS documentary series hosted by Alan Alda. In this episode, Alda follows several scientists who are studying the art of flying. Specific topics featured in the article include birds, flying machines and independent flying robots.
  • Dragon Science
    Dragon Science
    Episode 2
    Dragon Science is the second episode in the sixth season of the PBS documentary series Scientific American Frontiers, hosted by Alan Alda. For this special episode, Alda and the scientists travel to China to investigate how the country manages to supply its huge population with food. Other topics discussed in the episode include mummies, the medicinal properties of trees and the desert.moreless
  • Wild West
    Wild West
    Episode 1
    Wild West, hosted by Alan Alda, is the debut episode in the sixth season of PBS' documentary series Scientific American Frontiers. In this episode, Alda follows scientists as they explore the origins of several 19th century myths. Specific myths investigated in the episode include gold rush myths, Indian myths and cowboy myths.moreless