Scientific American Frontiers - Season 7

PBS (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Robots Alive
    Robots Alive
    Episode 5
    Mazes and Squiggles: Robots compete to navigate mazes and pick up tennis balls as a test of their artificial intelligence programs. Look, No Hands!: Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have been developing a car that drives itself. Toddler's First Steps: Engineers at the University of New Hampshire are teaching a robot to walk on two legs. Almost Human: Rodney Brooks of MIT is developing a robot with human-like senses that will allow it to learn like people do. Roboflyers: Students compete to build robots capable of autonomous flight.moreless
  • Going to Extremes
    Going to Extremes
    Episode 4
    Spider Canyon: A 30-year study of funnel web spiders in Arizona reveals an interesting theory about hybridization. Frozen Alive: Natural antifreeze in deep sea fish may help prolong donated organs. Ultimate Speed: Scientists study the biomechanics of the two fastest land animals, the cheetah and the pronghorn antelope. Hidden Depths: Explorations in the middle depths of the ocean off Monterey, California, turn up spectacular new life forms. High Anxiety: Can a new test identify who might succumb to mountain sickness?moreless
  • Pieces of Mind
    Pieces of Mind
    Episode 3
    The Man With Two Brains: Doctors learn from a man whose left and right brain hemispheres no longer communicate with each other. Remembering What Matters: Bursts of adrenaline in the brain seem to help the formation of memories. True or False?: Research reveals the malleability of memories. What's in a Dream?: Sleep researchers show that REM sleep may be instrumental to learning. New Brain- Old Tricks: Language is stored in different parts of the brain depending on how old you were when you learned it.moreless
  • Science Safari - Special from South Africa
    City of Gold: An archaeological discovery in southern Africa reveals a royal tribal burial from the 13th century. Ways of the Wild: Natural processes like fire and drought in South Africa's game parks actually help preserve wildlife like the white rhino. Mr. Cele's Garden: Traditional healers in Africa are beginning to cultivate those valuable plants that are quickly disappearing from the wild. Fighting Malaria: A look at the 1996 malaria epidemic in South Africa. The First People: Excavations in the South Africa's ancient caves tell a story of human ancestry.moreless
  • Inventing the Future
    Inventing the Future, hosted by Alan Alda, is the seventh season debut episode of the PBS documentary series Scientific American Frontiers. In this episode, Alda visits the media lab at MIT. While there, he interacts with scientists who are working on highly advanced projects. Specific projects featured in the show include smart cars, a cyborg and virtual animals.moreless