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    • American Look 3: 1958
      Chevrolet presents a story of the design process (conveniently, the design of a Chevy). Designers in rooms that are "constantly locked" have "the courage to dream" to the extent that their dreams "conform to the established limits of the overall design."
    • American Look 2: 1958
      All things American, leisure-focused and modern are good for you, according to Chevrolet, which funded this look at once-groundbreaking design trends.This episode focuses on outside-the-home designs.
    • American Look: 1958
      This Technicolor treat presented by Chevrolet is a call to shop. It extolls America's "ever-improving good taste" for "wonderous possessions" in "tempting, hinting and revealing" packages. Sounds like marketing for Playboy of the same era.
    • A Touch of Magic: 1961
      This is a Freudian marketing dream. GM teases our latent desires with jazz, car pitches, knights and a dragon. Watch for the inter-species/inter-fantasy love subplot, when the dragon tries to make time with Miss Consumer.
    • Man and His Culture: 1954
      Using the conceit of a space alien's report on earth's cultures, we learn that Western culture is complex and African cultures are simple. Lab credit for viewers who explore Epcot Center.
    • Leave it to Roll-oh!: 1940
      With Roll-Oh, a "chromium-plated butler," your "domestic problems are completely solved." But don't run out to buy your own robot (here pronounced robut)! He's just a story tool used to show how "thinking machines" already serve us.
    • Design for Dreaming
      A single gal dreams that a top-hatted, gold-masked man pops into her bedroom to show her a better life through purchasing. Singing and dancing like in a Broadway play, the Keely Smith look-alike warbles, "I want a Corvette!" Stand in line, sister.
    • The John Glenn Story: 1962
      This is a fun time capsule, recording an era when the public never doubted that its heroes were pure, and the U.S. could be unanimously proud of something. Narrator Jack Webb tells us that the Glenn story "throbs with nation's restless energy."
    • To New Horizons: 1940
      Hard as it is to imagine, there once was a time when 1960 was still 20 years in the future. Here is a documentary about the Futurama exhibit in General Motors' "Highways and Horizons" pavilion at the 1940 World's Fair.
    • The Big Bounce
      The Big Bounce
      Episode 2
      Every truly great tech advance starts with something you can find in a toy chest, including international phone service. The first telecom satellite was a balloon. Here's the story of Echo, the big balloon that could.
    • Century 21 Calling...
      Ma Bell pulls off what no other manufacturer could accomplish: It accurately predicts on film how its products would evolve. They show then-marvels including TouchTone dialing, pagers, call-annoying, etc. Listen for the Simpsons-esque tram announcement.