SciQ - Season 1

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  • Snow and Ice
    Episode 13
    Did you know the largest recorded snowflake was roughly the size of fifteen large pizzas stacked on top of each other? Bundle up as our hosts, Andrew and Paula, dive into a winter wonderland and explore the science of snow and ice with a snowflake hunter, an ice sculptor, and “Survivorman” Les Stroud. They even uncover the cause of brain freeze!moreless
  • Food
    Episode 12
    Hosts Paula and Andrew discover some amazing things about the chemistry of the things we eat. Andrew learns the serious work that goes into making candy, and Paula discovers how your eyes and mouth can really play tricks on you at an avant-garde restaurant, where one of the most delicious items on the menu…is the menu!moreless
  • Human Performance
    Episode 11
    How high can we jump? How fast can we run? How can we improve our physical strength? Hosts Andrew and Paula put their bodies to the ultimate test to see which one is in better shape. They’ll push themselves to the limit, testing their strength, mobility, endurance, and, finally, Andrew’s ego as he prepares to race some of the fastest cyclists in the world!moreless
  • Eye Spy
    Episode 10
    Uncover the secrets of going undercover as our hosts examine the world of spying. Explore how science has revolutionized the top-secret trade and helped us see what the naked eye cannot, thanks to flying robots, infrared cameras, polygraphs, gait recognition analysis, and even dolphins. It’s a far cry from trench coats and binoculars!moreless
  • Bugs
    Episode 9
    Did you know, on average, we eat about a pound of bugs a year? As much as they may disgust us, truth is, we wouldn’t last very long on this planet without them. Hosts Paula and Andrew investigate just how benevolent, powerful, artistic, and, yes, tasty bugs can be. They even discover a cockroach that can drive!moreless
  • Robots
    Episode 8
    Explore the world of the modern-day robot, capable of completing house chores, simulating emotions, and even responding to human speech. One of the robots visited by the SciQ team even has aspirations to host a TV show.
  • Poop
    Episode 7
    Our hosts literally climb mountains of manure on a quest to solve a baffling biological question: why do we poop? They visit a zoo, where freezers full of hippo, baboon, and elephant samples are used to test the health of these animals. They also journey from a toilet research facility to a treatment plant, tracking the long journey poop makes from waste material to vital plant food.moreless
  • Wild Wheels
    Episode 6
    The race is on when our hosts challenge each other to see who can take a ride on the wildest set of wheels. The dare puts Paula and Andrew at the controls of a treadmill bike, three-wheeled cars from the future, and even a jet luge, teaching them how far man has come from the days of wheel logs…and also why you should always wear a helmet!moreless
  • CSI
    Episode 5
    Hosts Paula and Andrew learn the ropes of becoming crime scene investigators by studying the ins and outs—and the dos and don’ts—of gathering and testing evidence. From lifting fingerprints and footprints, to analyzing DNA, to testing the skills of police dogs, they reveal how detectives break a case and bust the bad guys.moreless
  • Movie Magic
    Episode 4
    Go on set with our hosts as they explore the world of Hollywood special effects. Andrew gets a full zombie makeover, while Paula has a blast working with pyrotechnics. Our team will do anything to find out how sound and visual effects experts fool our ears and eyes…even if it means putting Andrew in high heels!moreless
  • Flight
    Episode 3
    Take flight with our hosts as they experiment with wind tunnels, hovercraft, and rockets in an effort to defy gravity. Learn about aerodynamics, wind resistance, and which projects should be left to the experts!
  • Sound
    Episode 2
    It’s sound check time for our hosts as they learn how to scream with a vocal coach to stars, audition to be a lead singer for a rock band, learn the basics of sound from Blue Man Group, and learn that intelligence and musical ability don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.
  • Underwater
    Episode 1
    Dive in and feed your brain as our hosts explore the possibilities for living, working, and playing underwater - including aquatic hockey with fins instead of skates, free-diving, and plunging depths of hundreds of feet on just one breath. If you've got the lungs, we've got the ultimate underwater experience.