Scooby and Scrappy-Doo

Season 6 Episode 20

A Nutcracker Scoob

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1984 on ABC

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  • The gang's current mystery is a fusion of "The Nutcracker" and "A Christmas Carol".

    In this Christmas special, Scooby and the gang were working to put on a Christmas pageant for a local children's home to save it from the clutches of a very Scrooge-like miser, Mr. Nickleby. (Ten Dickens points for anyone who gets the reference.) The gang fidns evidence that there's an emerald hidden somewhere in the children's home, and a glowing Ghost of Christmas Future begins terrorizing the set. Despite the hauntings, the gang tries to use their pageant performances of The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol to give Nickleby a change of heart. The ghost attacks the performance, just as Tiny Tina was about to crack Nickleby's heart, but after the ghost is captured, they learn that Nickleby has undergone a Scrooge-like transformation to complete the analogy. It's not exactly a great special, and if you can listen to Tiny Tina's voice for more than 15 consecutive seconds without wanting to drive hot pokers into your ears, then you are clearly insane. But at least it's better than that rap Christmas special they churned out a year or two ago.