Scooby Doo: Curse Of The Lake Monster

Cartoon Network (TV Movie 2010)


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Scooby Doo: Curse Of The Lake Monster

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When the Mystery Inc, team starts their summer jobs at the country club, they begin to notice strange happenings, creepy characters and a Frog Monster on the loose. Will the team be able to solve this mystery?
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  • Cartoon Network,why make this?!

    Once again,CN made another terrible movie to a sequel to a decent movie. So this is a sequel about the Mystery Inc. gang getting summer jobs at a country club. Oh,and Shaggy is in love with Velma. Why? When was Shaggy in love with Velma? He never had a girlfriend in the Scooby Doo shows,not even in What's New Scooby Doo? However,a lake monster who's really a giant frog. While trying to discover who it is,there are some moments that were terrible,like when Fred has blonde hair. It looked horrible,so was him and Daphne's costumes. They get trapped in a boat,but escape. It turns out,the person causing this is none other than Velma as a witch possessed by a ghost girl. Still,Velma as a witch looks cheap. Shaggy tries to get Velma to snap out of it by singing a song,and the ghost gets away. Are you kidding me? It took a love song to make the ghost go away. Shaggy and Velma end up kissing at the end. Still,I say this: When were they in love?! Scooby feels left out of the group (why he thinks that is something I don't care about),but slips on a eletronic cleaner and falls out a window,but ends up getting catched by Shaggy. Then,we see a terrible musical number with the appearances by Witch Doctor and the clown. The music video is cheap and sounds stupid. And that was the whole movie. And it was horrible! I just wanna know why they couldn't have left the first one alone and not make a sequel. This one has no funny moments at all,it was cheap and was a disgrace to Scooby Doo. Please don't make a third one. Just stop making these.moreless