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I honestly don't know where i stand with this show

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    [1]Apr 2, 2013
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    When SD: MI first came out, i was only watching it because i had already watched and (to a certain degree) liked the various previous incarnations and wanted to see how this one compared. Then i mainly became hooked on it because i was interested in the way the show portrayed Fred and Daphne's relationship and Shaggy and Velma's (a romance between the two couples was always hinted by the fans in the past, but this show actually delved into the subject further). Though, if i was few years younger a the time, i probably would have been more interested in the story arc (which probably would would have save me a lot of trouble in the long run).

    Anyway, the series was okay at first, but then we came to the episode with the Hex Girls. After watching the way they were portrayed in "The Witch's Ghost", i was more or less intrigued, but the episode as a whole; it was more of 50/50 to me. On one hand, i liked that the episode helped show that Fred truly loves Daphne as much as she loves him, but on the other hand, i'm not too crazy about how it was executed (there had to be a rift between them for him to realize that). I did like the songs, but i had issues with that whole rift between Shaggy and Scooby. The following episode helped pull me out of that funk, but then the one about the Humungonauts brought me back down again, it just felt too hard on a few characters. And then came the episode about the robot dog, the break up between Shaggy and Velma just didn't sit well with me. And the thing of it is, i should have liked this episode, it was when we were introduced to our main villain. The "Secret Serum" episode was in the same boat with me, the idea that the main monster was vampire should have nurtured the side of me that is intrigued by the supernatural, but instead, i was mainly stuck on the "the group is drifting apart" subplot. It was because of this that i didn't even watch the entire following episode.

    The Cicada episode helped get me back into the show, but only because it nurtured my love of "Fraphne", and that caused me to stop watching the entirety of the following episodes and instead made me focus on the scenes that involved Fred and Daphne "making kissy face" as it were. This, of course, made me miss out on a lot of clues for the overarching story arc and it left me at a loss on what was going on. I had high hopes when Fred proposed to Daphne, but of course, that ended up being torn down for the sake of Drama.

    I was hesitant to continue watching the show after that, i didn't even see the first four Season 2 episodes, so once again, i was, more or less, at a loss on what was exactly going on (I missed how the gang got their own office). I did watch the episode with "Hodag", but only because i was intrigued by who Brad and Judy were and it implied that Fred and Daphne were getting back together (naturally, it didn't, but it was nice to feel like they were), also, the ambiguous ending intrigued me. After that, i stopped actually watching the episodes and instead came here for the reviews on them, but after a while, my curiosity got the better of me and i actually watched part of episode 32. It intrigued me and i started watching parts of later episodes as well. I'm actually watching the final episodes and i'm not sure how to feel any more.

    On one hand, I'm glad that Fred and Daphne are back together, but i kind of wish it didn't take so long to happen and i'm worried that the ship will sink again, just like it did in Season One. Also, the show is definitely proving that Brad and Judy are terrible parents and "Nightmare in Red" had Fred reconcile with Ex-Mayor Jones, but this leaves me to wonder who Fred will decide to accept as his real family when all of this over: his biological parents or the "Only real dad he's ever known". I say this because since Brad and Judy were among the people who's "better sides" were locked away, that means, the Brad and Judy we saw really weren't entirely in control of their actions either.

    I'm just one the fence with this show, any comments to give?

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    Well so far I really enjoyed this show,sometimes I think it's a little too violent for kids and should be rated as PG-13,but so far it's in my opinion the best series I've ever seen,with a connection between each episode,a good story(I can't wait to see the final 4 episodes),romances between the MI team(I'd be soo excited to see Fred and Daphne being a couple and kissing and eventually marrying at the end of the last episode),but I think that it has lost attention to Scooby,I mean in the previous series the whole episodes were focused on Scooby and his jokes,which I don't see this here,sometimes he looks like he doesn't even exist there. I'd rate this show 9/10,just amazing!
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    I'll be honest... at first I was intrigued with nothin but the whole Mr. E mystery and the whole Crystal Cove curse. But then, we started to see some action regarding the relationships of FredxDaphne and ShaggyxVelma, which I was always supportive of, and i have to say that that contributedfor keeping my interest in the series. I wish Feed an Daphne end up together, and that maybe Shaggy and Velma get back together, before the series finale.

    Of course, that wasn't the only things that kept me intrested. The countless references, allusions and parodies to numerous other works likeNightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Terminator, Alien, The X-Files, Supernatural, Scream, Lovecraftian literature, just name a few was also a very goo thingthat kept me going.

    The appearence of both the Hex Girls and Vincent Van Ghoul in two episodes each was also awesome, because they are some of the coolest recurring characters that ever appeared on Scooby-Doo. It's nice to see they haven' forgotten about the previous incarnations.

    The design is also cool, and I must say that it's spooky, it's dark and it reminds me a little of the 60's and 70's Scooby shows. I like to call this series the fusion of What's New Scooby-Doo, The Scooby-Doo Show and The13 Ghosts of Scooy-Doo, with a sprinkle of The Witch's Ghost and Zombie Island. It was actually the first Scooby-Doo series in many years whose monsters actually scared me a couple of times, and tat's not easy.

    Igive this one a 10, because it really hookedme to the screen, begging for more. I really hope the next series follows the same line as this one-

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