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New Episode in New Zealand - "The Devouring"

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    [1]Jan 29, 2013
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    Even though we are disappointed CN has continued to put the rest of SDMI S2 on delays..I have news!

    We finally have footage of...A NEVER BEFORE SEEN EPISODE!Surprised Yes, apparently Episode 44 "The Devouring" aired in New Zealand. Here are two clips of it: (warning: this one spoils the culprit)

    Sadly, the quality of them is pretty mediocre, as the kid does an annoying voice over in both of them making it hard to hear and holds the camera in an odd way for the first one, but you can still see some of the new episode in it. Unfortunately, those two videos are also the only parts he uploaded as well.

    Still though, if anyone around here lives in New Zealand, feel free to give us more details! Looks like another country is getting new episodes before the US once again.

    (credit to a user on the ScoobyAddicts forum for finding this)

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    That's good to hear. At least now we know the remaining episodes exist, and we might not have to wait for CN on the US to watch them. If anyone out there reads this and knows a place where we can watch it online, please post it here.
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