Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Cartoon Network (ended 2013)





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  • Highly Recommend this show

    After seeing the 52nd and last episode of the series, I will say this ranks among my favorite cartoon shows (right there with JL, Avengers:EMH, etc). This show is a perfect blend of creepiness and humor that isn't dumbed down for little kids to enjoy as with what CN seems to be in favor of now. I totally loved the cameos and homages to the past Hanna Barberra shows that were sprinkled throughout the run. It's a show with a series long story line that comes together in one big finale. Stuff like that is a big gamble given how it can be a hit or miss. I will give CN credit for at least letting the show end with 52 eps which seems to be the new magic number for a show these days.

    It may seem a bit dark, but sure beats the light hearted tone of the previous series versions. I just hope the next series will maintain at least most of the atmosphere of this one. This is a kids show that even older 'kids' can enjoy. Show them this show over something dumb like the annoying orange.