Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Cartoon Network (ended 2013)





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  • Understanding both sides

    Look, I have seen both the new and old of scooby and understand why this is a horrible show for those who loved the original to it's hardest and a good one for those who have an open mind and no recall of the original. This show's bad points are mostly betaryal, it betrays all original ideas of what sccoby-doo was to the point were the characters are barely recognizable because of the drastic changes in their personality; the biggest insults to me were the fact that everyone aparently needed to have their own love interest within the group which thus altered how velma, shaggy and daphne worked the most; shaggy is apparently velma's dream guy now which as seen in the original she would instantly fall in a shallow puddle of love with guys who liked mysteries and books with a pinch of toughness and daphne is again the pretty girl but her talent now is being completely rich and nothing else, to me the best she has been is in thw what's new scooby doo which added a resourceful and tough attribue to her. Now it is good considering that it has a story line but that is not how scooby doo is supposed to work, at least in his original form; the formula back then was a simple travel around the country and then the world to solve various mysteries with a new view and clean slate every time. The new Scooby's formula is a bit harder, there is now a connection between things and there will rarely be a clean slate right after which makes it more realistic but in sacrifice for the diversity of locations once given. I admit the show is interesting and good , but I don't see it as the Scooby I once loved as a young boy but as a different show with new characters, which could have worked but of course it would not bring in as many could seriously poke many more holes in this show right now but it would be too long.
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