Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

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  • A very tall leap in a very shallow pond

    This show is so hard to review, there are elements that I liked about it and there are things that I hated about it.

    First, the things I liked: continuity, I'm glad we entered more deeply into their lives and we see them more as human characters; it's true that most of the times it didn't take itself seriously, even going to the extreme with Daphne's parents. Character development: there was some character development but i never felt it last for a long time, it had lots of attempts, but the studio wouldn't let them try something different;

    Production: the production team dissevers a gold medal it made everything the best Scooby Doo is ever going to be, I doubt there will be a better production team.

    What I hated: the Screenplay: was just horrible, not once did I laugh at any of the jokes; they were so raw and simplistic that only children who had to ask their parents might laugh but even they would find it awkward; this show is basically asking the viewer to see the characters as fools, the most smartest characters in the show are ironically Velma, the parrot, and Daphne, but you never feel for a single second that they are smarter than you;

    Writing was good only in huge leaps, meaning that out of 10 episodes 2 were the best and 3 were better, the rest good-ish. They brought something new to the show, but it's all so jumbled together, that you don't even care about it, you stop questioning it because it's so convenient.

    The characters were basically rebuilt from the bottom up, but you never felt that Scooby and Shaggy were the essence of the show, the show constantly pointed to Fred and Daphne being more important than the iconic figures of the show, in fact I think Shaggy and Scooby had the least amount of screentime.

    Final verdict: Was this show good? Good, just okay; Would you watch it again? Only certain episodes, I wouldn't watch the whole seasons again; Rating:6.5 - 7