Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • All Fear the Freak
    Episode 26

    The gang finally follows the trail to find the hidden treasure, but they didn't think The Freak would go after them. On the other hand, many truths are revealed, including the goal of Professor Pericles and the true identity of Fred's parents. And as if that were not enough, the gang faces a big problem when the parents get angry due to the behavior of their kids. And just when the mystery of the town is at its highest level, does this mean the end of the gang or the beginning of a new problem?

  • Pawn of Shadows
    Episode 25

    Once again, the gang investigates further the mystery of the curse of Crystal Cove, this time with the help of Professor H.P. Hatecraft. But when a high-tech creature called the Obliteratrix attacks the gang, it's up to them to find out why and how is this related to the curse of Crystal Cove.

  • Dead Justice
    Episode 24
    The ghost of Crystal Cove's most famous sheriff, Dead Justice, has come back from his grave to make Sheriff Stone quit his job by trapping Crystal Cove's top criminals. Can Scooby and the gang stop Dead Justice before it's too late?
  • 7/5/11
    Something is going on in Fred's house. His father has been the victim of a reluctant poltergeist, who seems to want him out of the house. When the gang steps in to solve this mystery, they find out that Mayor Jones is in possession of a piece of the mysterious puzzle that Scooby and the gang found in Darrow Manor. Could the poltergeist be after it?moreless
  • 6/28/11
    When Fred's favorite adventurer, Professor Nick Spartan, starts teaching Biology at the Crystal Cove's High School, the gang gets to meet him. Fred tells him that the gang has also been into some terrifying experiences, Spartan immediately invites them to have dinner at his place, where he promises to show them his latest trophy, the cursed Shrunken Head of Sklarhurtun. But when its headless body appears and threatens to pursue the professor until the end of his days by profaning its tomb, the gang must find out a way to break the curse.moreless
  • 6/21/11
    When Mayor Jones buys online an ancient Persian temple, in order to boost business in Crystal Cove's amusement Park, "Creepy Spooky Terror Land", he never thought that that temple would come with a Manticore, a vicious mythological animal, who is been eating the park's visitors. Having no other option, he asks Fred and the gang to help him capture the beast, and while they do it, he does some snooping around, regarding the mysterious puzzle piece that the gang found in Darrow Mansion.moreless
  • The Siren's Song
    Episode 20
    When a sardine boat mysteriously disappears when fishing in Dead Man's Point, Velma goes to investigate, only to run into a mermaid and a couple of fish freaks, who seem to be behind the disappearings. At the same time, Destroido plans to start pumping oil from an old oil platform in Dead Man's Point. Could the two be connected somehow, and how does Angel know so much about it?moreless
  • Nightfright
    Episode 19
    Vincent Van Ghoul himself brings Shaggy and Scooby to his mansion for dinner, only to find out that some of the monsters from Van Ghoul's movies have come to life. Yet, there is one that never appeared in any of the movies, a demon called Nightfright who seems to want Van Ghoul's head for no apparent reason.moreless
  • The Dragon's Secret
    Episode 18
    When Mi-Lee, an exchange student, comes to Crystal Cove, she draws the affection of Shaggy. A dinner party hosted by the Blake Family is interrupted by the Red Wizard warning to stay away from the Dragon's Heart which he has sworn to protect at all cost. Later, Mi-Lee and the gang to come under attack by a White Wizard who is after Mi-Lee's ring, and the Red Wizard comes to the gang's rescue, but he is too late to save the ring. The Red Wizard turns out to be Mr. Chen, the owner of Chen's Internet Cafe and Tea House. He reveals that with the White Wizard, now in possession of all four rings, is able to open the Jade Dragon's Heart, which is a priceless ruby. Will the gang solve the mystery or is everything not as it seems?moreless
  • 5/24/11
    When the gang goes on a quest to find out what happened to the original Mystery Incorporated group on their last case of the 75-year-old disappearance of the Darrow Family and their mansion, they find themselves trapped in the underground Darrow Mansion, which has been booby trapped. Will the gang solve the mystery and escape with their lives?moreless
  • 5/17/11
    When the entire town of Crystal Cove is taken over by Aphrodite's love spell, only Scooby-Doo and the recently escaped Professor Pericles can save the gang from the spell and solve the mystery. But does Professor Pericles have ulterior motives?
  • The Wild Brood
    Episode 15
    When Fred invites the gang on his and Daphne's second date, it pushes Daphne into the arms of Odnarb, the leader of an Orc biker group called the Wild Brood who have come into town. When a break-in at the armory happens and a dangerous weapon is stolen, the Wild Brood are the top suspects. It's up to the gang to solve this mystery and save the Wild Brood.moreless
  • 5/3/11
    Scooby is sick and is afraid he won't be able to go to the Mystery Solvers Club State Finals. After being referred to as a sidekick by Velma, Scooby dreams that he recovered and went to the finals. When all the teen solvers are kidnapped by a flaming ghost who introduces himself as Infernicus, it's up to all the sidekicks to solve the mystery. Guest stars include the casts of Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman and The Funky Phantom.moreless
  • 10/25/10
    The gang investigates after Crystal Cove begins suffering from an infestation of deadly insects that targets workers of the company Destroido, the company that makes Shaggy and Scooby's favorite snacks.
  • 10/18/10
    With Mystery Inc. broken up, the gang decides to check out life after high school and spend a weekend at DARROW COLLEGE. But things don't go as planned when a creature called CHAR GAR GOTHAKON begins terrorizing the campus. Turns out this beast is a fictional character come to life. A creation of the author H.P. HATECRAFT who is a professor at the school. Although one of the other professors, HARLAN ELLISON, claims Hatecraft is a fraud, the creature is definitely real. And when it attacks and carries off Hatecraft to his doom, the gang realizes it has to come together once again to solve this mystery and save Hatecraft's life.moreless
  • The Secret Serum
    Episode 11
    There's a vampire loose in Crystal Cove, terrorizing the residents and stealing an odd assortment of loot. When the gang does some sniffing around, they discover an unlikely suspect… Daphne's MOTHER. Things are already strained within Mystery Inc., and with this latest blow, the gang is truly torn in half. Girls on one side, boys on the other.moreless
  • 10/4/10
    A monster called the Fright Hound starts attacking Crystal Cove and people believe Scooby-Doo is behind it. Could be Scooby the one attacking the city or is someone setting him up?
  • 9/6/10
    When two giant monsters start to attack Crystal Cove, Mayor Jones asks Fred and the gang to help him and the sheriff capture them. Meanwhile, Shaggy has to choose between his relationship with Velma and his friendship with Scooby.
  • 8/30/10
    The gang attends the Royal Knights Faire in Crystal Cove, but so does an unexpected guest. A scary-looking gnome is paralyzing everyone wearing pirate costumes at the Faire.
  • 8/23/10
    The Hex Girls come to Crystal Cove and plan to give the gang a concert. But things go awry when The Phantom, an evil specter, suddenly appears with the intention of permanently taking The Hex Girls out of the music business.
  • 8/16/10
    Fred becomes the target of a high school crush when new girl Alice May falls for him. However, Alice May is actually a ghost with a reputation for taking guys with her and making them disappear forever.
  • 8/9/10
    The children of Crystal Cove are being turned into monsters by a creature named Que Horrifico, scaring all of the adults in town. As a result, they abandon their children and run for their lives.
  • 8/2/10
    A Man Crab attacks Crystal Cove beach during a volleyball tournament for Trickell's Triquid diet mixture. The gang must stop him and solve this mystery before the tournament's female players, who the Man Crab has taken a liking to, are put in danger.
  • 7/26/10

    Strange things continue happening in Crystal Cove, with doorknobs suddenly vanishing and a priceless diamond is hidden somewhere. To top it all off, a mysterious Ghost Trucker is also scaring the town.

  • 7/19/10

    The gang decides to launch an investigation into the existence of a mythical ghost town that is believed to have been populated by alligators.

  • 4/5/10
    After being jailed for solving another mystery, the Mystery Inc. gang stumbles upon another mystery: a gruesome monster lurking underneath the town and cocooning everyone who comes near in green goop.
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