Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season 1 Episode 16

A Night of Fright is No Delight

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 10, 1970 on CBS

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  • Classic Scooby Doo fun

    Scooby inherits part of a fortune. The catch is he and the four other inheritors must remain in Col. Sanders's "creepy old mansion" for one night. If one does not last the night, then his inheritance will divided among the other inheritors. Throughout the night, the gang discovers that the house may indeed be haunted. Scooby finds a phantom in the basement and the other four inheritors disappear.

    The cartoon is full of interesting bits. The gang discover an old organ and work to crack its code. Scooby and Shaggy use wine corks to fend off pursuing phantoms. The trap the gang sets for the phantoms is classic Hanna Barbera cartoon fun. My favorite: a cranky goldfish growls at Shaggy for stealing fish food for his sandwich. As a musician, I would like to point out that the animators correctly had Thelma play the notes F-E-E-D on the organ, and also the correct pitches were sounded. So, bravo for the attention to detail.

    This episode holds many of the elements that gave the early Scooby Doo cartoons all of their charm: a mystery, creepy surprises, comedy, a great soundtrack, among others.
  • Through a will, Scooby is offered a portion of a fortune, but only if he can survive the night in a haunted house!

    The best episode of the first season. It deserves a Scooby Snack!!!

    Everyone loves the stuck in a house and must survive to win game, and this one was quite original! The only problem I had with it was that the Colonel told the guests that the house was haunted, yet he most likely didn't know that his lawyers were going to be the ones haunting it. If it were really haunted, then wouldn't the gang have seen some real ghosts too? Yet another problem was that if the guests were scared away by ghosts, then wouldn't the gang have heard them scream,or at least hear them leave? Boats aren't exactly quiet!

    Even with the episode's slight problems, it was still the best one of the season!
  • Perfect! Best of Season 1!


    This was a truly magnificent episode!! It had everything you looked for and you never knew what would happen next. It had Many Suspects, A simple but epic plot, 2 Superb ghosts - Phantom Shadows - and the best Setting from the whole of Season doubt. I loved this setting. A creepy mansion on a small island in the middle of nowhere. This has always been a special episode to me and I still think to this day that it is as near to perfect as can be. It had many Suspects to choose from also, even though it could only really be 1. A few good clues and an Ingenious trap (which goes wrong and creates an even more ingenious trap) It has it all!! A Classic episode? no no! an EXTRAORDINARY episode!! 10/10 :D

  • You never know what will happen next

    The gang is on a boat heading for a island for the reading of a will. It is a creepy night and there is thunder and lightening. Scooby had rescued Colonel Sanders from a fishpond and was in his will. Problem is, to get his part of the will, he would have to spend the night in the Colonel's haunted mansion. A butler comes to greet them and ushers them into the house. The Colonel's lawyer, Cosgoode Creeps tells the heirs and Scooby that the only instructions from the Colonel was to play a record. The Colonel tells them they must stay the night to get the fortune, so the whole gang decides they'll stay with Scooby. Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby are getting ready for the night. Fred and Shaggy are in the bedroom while Scooby decides to take a bath. Fred tells Scooby to hurry up and he is scrubbing up when a ghost appears from a tile trapdoor. The bathtub slides out of the room for a moment, dumping Scooby onto a chute into the basement. He is on a pile of coal, when he sees a chain rattling phantom. He runs up the stairs to tell Shaggy and Fred what just happened to him. Fred and Shaggy don't believe Scooby. They all go to get some sleep.
    The clock chimes midnight and two green ghosts go into one of the cousins rooms. The gang wakes up and finds Cousin Simple gone and a message telling them to leave the island on the mirror. The gang decides to rig up a dummy of Scooby Doo to catch the ghost when he comes to grab the dummy. Scooby and Shaggy are watching from outside on the drainpipe, when the ghost knocks the drainpipe loose. Velma tries to help them, but gets pulled out of the window, too. Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma all land in a cave below the house when the drainpipe finally breaks.
    They find themselves in a cave that is a secret passage underneath the house. They find the Phantom Shadow's footprints and decide to follow them. The footprints lead to a room with a stash of Civil War relics. They find a wagon full of uniforms, when one starts flying and chasing them. It corners them in a elevator and Scooby starts scaring it, and it happens to be a duck and flies away scared. They go up in an elevator and it leads them to Cousin Slicker's room. They get out of the elevator to find Cousin Slicker gone along with all the rest. Scooby is the only remaining heir. They hear organ music so they go to check it out, but whoever was playing the organ earlier is gone. They see a music book with writing on it. It says 'feed the organ and watch the floor,' but the gang doesn't understand what it means. Scooby starts playing and the walls start closing in on the group and the door has locked. Scooby continues to play the organ trying to stop the walls, and it finally works. They figure out the riddle and the floor moves. The gang follows the secret stairs down to the catacombs. They find five coffins and one of them is empty and dog shaped. They see the Phantom Shadow and then another one appears and they all run as fast as they can. Scooby faints, but a Scooby Snack revives him. They continue running and finally hide in the chandelier, but the ghost cuts it and it falls to the floor. Scooby and Shaggy find a wine rack and use the corks as ammunition against the ghosts. They continue trying different ways to get away from the green ghosts, and they meet up after they ditch them. They all head to the laundry room and set up their trap for the ghosts. Scooby accidently trips the trap too soon and in reverse, leading to a flying washing machine. They take the flying machine out the door and go into the cave. The ghosts who were running away are caught by Shaggy and Scooby and fall into the washing machine and it happens that Mr. Creeps and Mr. Crawls, the lawyers are to blame for it all.