Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season 1 Episode 15

Go Away Ghost Ship

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 20, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scene when Shaggy and Scooby have just rescued Fred from the hook, the gang is standing there and Fred's arm is hanging there without a hand.

  • Quotes

    • Shaggy: The sea water's boiling, Scoob, I wonder what pirates like in their stew?
      Scooby: Rains?
      Shaggy: Hey yeah, ghosts like chains, and what else? Oh yeah, some ashes from the stove, you know this could be real good? What else do pirates like?
      Scooby: Robrebs?
      Shaggy: Cobwebs! Aha, delightful. Now did we forget anything?
      Scooby: Roap.
      Shaggy: Soap? I hardly use it myself, but why not?

    • (about their phony breakfast food service)
      Butler: At 11 o'clock at night?
      Shaggy: Yeah, that way you don't have to get up in the morning to eat it.

  • Notes

    • Shaggy makes a rare reference to his being a hippie while winging the ingredients of Ghost Pirate Stew, one of which is a bar of soap. He admits to seldom having a need for soap personally. But if his hygiene is that bad, how can the rest of the gang spend all their time cooped up in the Mystery Machine with him?

    • First time the whole gang is captured.

    • Adapted into the comic book story "The Ghost Of Redbeard" (Gold Key issue #6, June 1971; reprinted in issue #26, August 1974).

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