Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season 1 Episode 4

Mine Your Own Business

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 04, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

A spooky rendition of 'My Darling Clementine' plays and shows a spooky town. The gang figures out they are lost and are actually in a town called Gold City, which is a ghost town, because Shaggy was reading the map upside down. A vulture screeches and lightening flashes, and they see a guest ranch that has vacancy. They go up to the door of the ranch and ring the bell. A man opens it, and welcomes them to Gold City. Hank, the caretaker, shows the gang their rooms, and Velma wonders why it is empty. Hank tells them of the story of a one hundred year old miner who can't rest till he finds the last bit of gold that is scaring the guests off.

They all go to look around, and they see almost nothing, except dilapidated buildings. They all get out and Shaggy and Scooby go into one of the old saloons. They order a sasperilla and they get a glass full of cobwebs. This freaks them out, but when the piano starts to play on its own, Scooby and Shaggy get really frightened. That is, until Velma points out it is a player piano. The three of them meet up with Fred and Daphne and they go back to explore the hotel. They all decide to go down to the old mine, since they haven't found anything of interest. They pass a mirror, and Scooby stays to look in it. He sees his reflection, then the reflection of the miner. He hurries back to the gang, and knocks them all over. Scooby knocks over a cigar store Indian and they find a new map of Gold City in it. They all wonder why it's in there. They see a group of numbers and wonder what they are for. Velma suggests they are numbers for a safe, and they go to open the safe in the lobby.

The safe seems to be open, and they go in to find it is an elevator. They go down it and see it's the old mine. They see lanterns lit and a moan comes from on down the mine. Shaggy and Scooby split from the others in the group and find a row of doors. Scooby opens one and sees the miner and rams the door shut. When Shaggy takes a look at it, there is no miner, leaving Scooby baffled when he opens the door again to find the miner there again. At the same time, Fred falls through a weak pile of floor boards into a pile of flour. The two switch and the door Scooby opens has the miner in it, and the two take off on a mining cart and after seeing Fred covered with flour the two freak out.

Daphne falls into a mine shaft and Scooby tries to pull her up. She says there are tons of secret passages. Velma finds a wire hooked up to a speaker system. This seems to account for the moaning throughout the mine. Shaggy finds a jar of crude oil. Fred starts formulating a plan.

The gang uses the speaker system to make the sounds to the fake train that Scooby is wheeling. The miner starts to run, and Fred traps him in a closet, but Scooby can't stop and runs through the shaft that is trapped. The miner is hanging onto the side of a deep drop off with Scooby hanging off of his boots. They pull off the mask and sees that it is Hank. Hank seems to have wanted to scare off the guests to buy the ranch and mine for nothing and then get all the profits of the oil found in the gold mine.

Scooby, in the mean time, is using stilts to pick apples and accidently falls into a trough. The gang laughs and the scene ends.