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  • Unbelievably horrible.

    I find it quite hard to comprehend exactly why this show is beloved by so many people of so many generations. I really don't know what to think about that. When I was younger, I was completely bored watching this shoddy animation with an unbearably consistent and predictable plot for every single god-forsaken episode. I mean, at the time I was probably five-ten years of age watching this, but I could tell even then when poor entertainment was being handed to me. My mother and my younger brother, along with countless others, have poor taste in a show that is popular simply based on the fact that people watched it. Not because of aesthetic value. Reminds me of a little show which also aired in the seventies by the name of "The Brady Bunch."
  • This show was before my time, but even as a ten year old watching it on Cartoon Network, I would say to myself "this is really stupid."

    I've never understood why Scooby Doo has such a strong cultural foothold. I guess with todays cartoons my generation has become jaded. But even so, there are few excuses that can be made for this show. Every episode is essentially the same; they break down, theres a "haunted" house/theme park/hotel/whatever. The ghost pirate/diver/clown chases them, it turns out to be the first character introduced. He was trying to scare everyone away so he could use whatever the haunting thing was. The jokes are lame, the animation is lazy, and the characters have basically set lines every episode. Why didn't Freddy and Daphne ever hook up either; there was something there. The Flintstones and other old cartoons managed to have interesting stories and characters. Scooby Doo, Where are You! might be popular but ever since I was little I have not liked this cartoon. The laugh track just made it even worse.
  • Not trying to offend Scooby fans, but I just don't like Hanna Barbara's work (except, of course, Tom and Jerry).

    A couple things I don't like about the show:

    Bad sound effects: Ugh. The sound effects sound like they were done 4 decades before the show was produced. They are unappealing, and far from convincing.

    The humor and the laugh tracks:

    This show doesn't make me laugh, and I especially get annoyed by the seemingly constant sounds of the laugh tracks.

    The stories:

    Come on! They can do a lot better! The stories are always the same concept--Some criminal does something bad, the gang tries to solve it, Scooby and Shaggy are totally freaked out by whatever is in the place where they are, the villain always ends up being the first person they meet in the episode--add some variety, at least to change my opinion a little.

    If any die-hard fans of this show were offended by my review, I appologize. I meant no harm; my only intention was to express my opinion.
  • Scooby-Doo had that thing that made it so successful in the 60's and 70's. I just can't put my finger on it.

    "Scooby-Doo" stars the Mystery Gang Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy, and their dog none other than Scooby. They are expert mystery solvers, and every episode they encounter an obscure mystery for them to uncover.

    "Scooby-Doo" may be great in the 60's, but their polish rusted after their first few episodes. It's a great show, but it had too many easy mysteries and so little animation that I just don't want to see this Hanna-Barbera cartoon anymore. Regardless, however, Scooby is very cool, and I've grown up with him for so long. I still love the canine, next to Courage.

    Other than that, there's not many reasons to watch this show, but I'm glad it has achieved alot of greatness worldwide because it deserved the praise.

    "Scooby-Doo" is mildly interesting, yet a satisfactory, program which its purpose was to entertain the family thirty years ago, but now only to entertain the kids who haven't seen it yet. Repetitiveness was what got the best of this show.
  • Scooby Doo where are youis a good classic show!

    Scooby Doo where are you is a good classic show because even adults can watch it. The newer scooby Doo shows are more for kids but these old ones even adults could watch them as they are more grown up. The original Scooby doo where are you is the best and more spooker than the newer Scooby Doo shows. I also like the Scooby Doo movie The witches ghost because thats quite spooky as well. Scooby Doo where are you is better than What's new Scooby Doo, The Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo show and The New adventures of Scooby Doo because they are all not as spooky.
  • Scooby Doo was one of my favorite shows when i was little i still like to watch it somtimes.

    Scooby Doo was a very intresting show when i was little. It has 5 main characters. Their names are, Velma, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Freddie, and Daphine. Scooby and Shaggy are basicly scared of everything except food. Scooby and Shaggy are best friends. Freddie has a crush on Daphine. Velma is the smart indpendent one. The gang solves mysteries and travel around the world to solve them. There 2 movies based on the series. Shaggy and Scooby have to get fed Scooby Snacks if the gang wants them to do something thats scary to them. All the monsters or villans end up being fakes and they always say, " I could've gotten away with it if it wasnt for you medeling kids and your dumb dog too".
  • It took me 30 years to figure out why I loved this show

    I have been watching Scooby Doo, Where are you? for over 30 years and it took me having kids to figure out why I loved this show. I watch Scooby Doo, where are you? with my 3 year old & 18 month old(both of whom just love this show - I didn't get in to it until I was 7)and see how simple it is and how a child can get hooked.
    It is amazing to me how both of my kids know more about Scooby Doo, where are you and the characters of the show at their young age then I ever did.
  • Scooby dooby doo where are you...

    I really like 'Scooby Doo Where Are You?'. The original (Hanna Barbera) is way better than the Warner Brother's version. I like how scooby and shaggy are always changing into costumes to trick the monsters, and how it always works. One of the best shows! It shows hummor for young ages, but some of the jokes are really hilarious for only older audiences. I really really like scooby doo. Some of the monsters are really imaginative too. I quite like red beard the Pirate aswell, I like pirates. I do still like the Warner Bros whats new scooby doos theme tune because it was sang by Simple Plan, one of my favourite bands eva!
  • A talking dog and this four friends solve mysteries.

    A wonderful show for its time. I wish today's kids could still watch it.

    Wasn't it great that you could watch a kids mystery show with no violence in it? It was funny and not nonsense like some shows are today, parents can actually stand to watch this show. Though this series did prove that bribes work [through the Scooby Snacks] and that you can eat constantly and still be skinny [Shaggy], it did leave good impressions too. It did tell kids that you can't trust everyone you meet, and even 'cowards'can be brave.

    Scooby-Doo Where Are You was that great classic that inspired all of the spin-offs. This show was the best, no spin-off was anywhere close to as good as this one. It's a shame that it only had three short seasons.
  • Scooby and the gang head out on adventures of every sort from catching robbers to exposing 'vampires'

    Shown on Cartoon Network for many years Scooby-Doo has always been one of the best. I have always been fond of Scooby-Doo's script. Every episode just got better and better. Even now children know and speak of Scooby. His friends, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred all have interesting backgrounds as well. It was all worth watching until Cartoon Network decided that it wasn't up to scratch and canceled it in 1972. Cartoon Network has never been the same since. Most shows now have nothing compared to Scooby. It's a true tragedy that most people now have no clue how well put together this show was. I am glad however for the wonderful voice talents of Welker, Kasem, Messick, Jaffe, North, and Christopherson.
  • One of hanna barbera's Finest!

    My 44th review after "The Powerpuff Girls"

    This cartoon is about the world's first talking mystery-solving cartoon dog, Scooby doo. Along with four teenage kids, Freddy Jones (Age 17) Velma Dinkley (Age 15) Daphne Blake (Age 16) and Shaggy Rogers (Age 17) Which he is Scooby doo's Owner. They see Monsters and Ghosts and they firgue out that they are just people in masks in just about EVERY Scooby doo epiosde, in the franchise. It gets really Repeitve that every epiosde goes by. This cartoon is gonna get an A.

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect. Very-well Done.

    Animation: C 6.0/10.0 It's too Blurry.

    Graphics: B 7.0/10.0 Nice, and very colorful.

    Sound: A- 8.0/10.0 Very good music that Hanna-Barbera's got there.

    Dialouge: A+ 9.0/10.0 rooby roo? Hee! Hee!

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 9.5/10.0 Did I mention that this cartoon has one superb Lasting Appeal?

    Overall: A 9.0/10.0 This is like, one of the best cartoons ever made! Hanna-Barbera maybe made millions of bucks for making this Franchise. Ok, That's the end of my review for Scooby doo where are you! See you Later.
  • Scooby Doo and the gang cruising around in the Mystery Machine solving mysteries-what a fun show!

    I loved watching this cartoon when I was growing up. Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Velma and Daphne are all great characters. Each week, our teenage sleuths come face-to-face with a mystery, usually involving some kind of weird monster or creature. The characterizations are great. Scooby and Shaggy always show their true colors (usually yellow!). They are usually coaxed to help by a few Scooby Snacks. Fred always devises some elaborate trap to catch the bad guys. Velma uses her scientific genius to unwrap the mystery. And Daphne, well, Daphne always looks great. This classic series has spawned several spin-off series and a couple of major motion pictures, but the original will always hold a special place in my heart!
  • This show is about ScoobyDoo and the gang. They always find the guy/girl that is trying to scare people. This show they made a movie or ScoobyDoo and ScoobyDoo2. I love this show it is a very funny show.

    In the show Scooby is the main charter in the show. He likes food so does Shaggy. Fred is the leader in the show. I also think he is in love with you know who. The gang also had a van that they use in every episode. They also do not make this show anymore. They should of keep making it. If you never watch ScoobyDoo you should watch the some of the old episodes. On Cartoon Network or some other channels. You can also buy them on dvds and videos. They also have games on Playstation2. This is one of my fav shows.
  • When you think of some of the most popular cartoons of all time, who do you think of right up there with Bugs, and Mickey? Scooby-Dooby-Doo, of course!

    I wish Cartoon Network had continued airing this classic show, but it didn't, so sadly, I haven't seen it in a long time. (I don't have Boomerang). However, I can tell you that all through my childhood and even now, I loved (and still love) it. I think I have seen just about every episode, and they're so entertaining and so fun.
    I also have enjoyed the more recent movies that keep popping up on Cartoon Network like Aloha, Scooby Doo! and Scooby Doo in Where's my Mummy? although my personal favorites of these have become Scooby Doo on Zombie Island and Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost.
    I also liked What's New, Scooby Doo? But I'm going to write a whole other reveiw for that, so I won't say too much here.
    Anyway, Scooby Doo is one of the best, most sucessful shows in history, and I applaud it.
    Overall show grade: A-
  • Bunches of Fun!

    I have been watching this show since I was about eight and it was a real disappointment when they stopped showing it regularly on Cartoon Network. This show is so much fun and though it seems to follow the same plot for every episode, I had some fun times watching this show when I was younger. It really is a great show to watch when you're feeling down because you just can not help but smile. It is one of those shows that is a whole bunch of fun, a little cheesy, and a show you can watch with family and not have to worry about bad language.
  • Scooby Doo Where Are You? is a cartoon about a dog named Scooby Doo and four kids: pretty boy Freddy, beauty Daphne, genius Velma and Scooby's best friend Shaggy who travel in a van named The Mystery Machine and solve crimes involving something supposedly

    This cartoon is a classic for all generations. Not just entertaining it also teaches moral lessons. The stories involve supernatural elements which intrigue viewers especially young children while not being too scary. The show includes humor, catchy phrases, and repeated behaviors that make the child feel "involved" with the cartoon. As a child I loved Scooby Doo and all the different characters some actually based on real people. It kept me watching with the action usually the monster, ghost or other entity chasing them. It's a great cartoon that has lasted decades and spawned a movie and toy line that is still going strong long after the "original" episodes went off the air.
  • The best Scooby-Doo series.

    This show focused on Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy, four kids. Along with their dog, Scooby-Doo, they solve mysteries that mostly involve monsters. They are always somebody in a mask.

    This is a very underappreciated show. Sure, a lot of the mysteries were easy to solve, but it is very funny, and sometimes, it keeps you thinking. The characters are very unique and the people that made the show did a great job with this series. I consider this show very original, too. Overall, great plot(s), great jokes, no character development, too easy mysteries, great selection of characters, and very original. No matter how many Scooby-Doo series get made, they will never be as good as this one.
  • A gang of teenagers set up their own detective agency and solve mysteries.

    This show is way underrated. This show is way better than What's New Scooby-Doo. This show was one of my favorites as a kid. This show has become a cult-classic. You can hardly walk into any store without seeing an item with Scooby's goofy face on it. Scooby-Doo is recognized by pretty much everyone in the country. I dare you to try and find someone who does not know Scooby-Doo. Many people down this show for its childish humor. Well this is a kid's show not C.S.I. This is one of the few Hanna Barbara shows to be made into a live action movie(even thought those movies were horrible.) Scooby-Doo has made a lasting mark on American television and culture.
  • scooby-dooby-doo!

    This show is about how Scooby and the gang try and solve mysterys. Scooby is always running into the ghosts and monsters. Scooby is Shagys dog, Both Scooby and Shagy are affraid of almost everything. Then you got Fred who is not affraid of anything he is a prepy high schooler. Phelma is a nerd she uses her smartness to find the clues to catch the gouls. Daffney is a prepy highschooler as well who is a reporter. She is always in fasion. This show never gets old! I have seen it many times and it is always just as good as the first time seeing it.Schooby and Shaggy just always get into troubble because, they can't handle there appetite for food. to conclude scooby doo is a great show!
  • This is a great old show. seriously, is there anyone who DOESN'T like this show?

    Scooby Dooby Doo! this is one of my favorite show. I have tons of scooby-doo stuff. two watches (they both are broken) a pair of pjs, some t-shirts, and my desktop picture is of scooby doo. I have the Night of 100 frights Vidio game, and i usually don't miss a chance to see it. The orrigional is the best. all the other spin-offs just aren't a good. A Pup named Scooby Doo and What's new Scooby Doo are an efficiant substitute if you can't get Where are You, but if i had to choose, i would definately choose the origional.
  • Ahh..this show is so amazing, n its lke totalee a classic! i stil watch this show, now..n i reli enjoy it!

    This show is so good. i reli lke it, i luv scooby doo! whenever its on now i stil watch it, n i lke it. i also lked the cartoon movies they came out with as wel. this show is never boring, every episode is good. i luv watching this show n trying to figure out who the bad guy is. n then finding out if im right or if im wrong at the end of the episode. its reli entertaining, i luv this show!
  • Super Classic

    I enjoy the original Scooby Doo more than any of the newer versions combined. Yeah, the animation at the time was pretty terrible. We are talking 1960-1970s work though. I just can not be that harsh on such an old product. The mysteries, villains, and heroes for the most part are memorable. I believe that shows such as this are so rare nowadays. The old HB cartoons are great to watch. I really enjoyed that Space Ghost villain with the creepy laugh in one of the older episodes. Now that was great and memorable. The intro itself is even classic.
  • great show

    Scooby Doo, Where Are You was the progenitor and the best of a long-running extremely wonderful cartoon ruined by stupid mistakes and choices. This first season had an excellant mixture of humor, scary atmosphere and intelligence. Have you noticed that these early episodes almost always had a lesson or scientific fact on how to make fog from dry ice or how dogs hear ultra-sonic frequencies. The show was also a whodunnit with several clues to discovering who the criminal was among the too obvious to the less than obvious. Ruined by extremely annoying pups, unlikely scenarios and the removal of the supernatural aspect that had made it so successful in the first place. In later episodes, we saw the characters sleep in their clothes, drag their van overseas and dogs living and presiding like people. Thank goodness that the Cartoon Channel has decided to run the best of the series in their best timeslots and delagate the horrible episodes to where no one will find them !
  • a must when I was a child

    I remember watching Scooby Doo Where are You as a child. It seemed so scary sometimes as a kid. But it was a great show. The adventures that they went on were so exciting at the time. I always wanted to be one of them. I loved Scooby and his antics. The show turned a bit to the downward spiral when they added scrappy. It was fun to see that they always caught their ghost or whatever they were chasing or was chasing them. It was a must watch show when it was on. I still feed my dog scooby snacks at home.
  • This is how cartooning used to be.

    I remember when I was little, I would take a bath in the sink, and there was a tv by the sink, so every night when I was taking a bath I would watch Scooby Doo. It was a habbit I had. Wow! This show was on before I was born, but reruns, movies, and spin offs were still going on. My favorite character was Daphne, my second favorite character was Shaggy, and I loved the Daphne/Freddie relationship (as it should be) I even went to a store where they were having an autograph signing with the producers and Scott Ines of Scooby Doo. Scott did the voice of both Shaggy and Scooby...I have a poster with the autographs in my room still, it says...Like (my name) Doo, where are you? Truly, compared to every single spin off that they writers have attempted to make popular have not measured up to the perfection that was this show. Although the same-old plotline became sort of- dry to say the least, I think that nobody truly can mess with the classics. The should would not have been the same if the plot wasn't overused. Whether it be Velma saying "Jinkies" or telling Shaggy what a ham he is, Shaggy and Scooby eating all they can while yelling "Zoinks" Daphne falling into trap doors, and Fred with his orange ascot, all of these cliches made Scooby Doo what is really is today.

    A legend.
  • What would you do for a Scooby Snack?

    Ah, Scooby Doo… Officially my favorite cartoon of all time. Basically, the story is about a group of “meddling kids” formed by Fred the popular and pretty boy (with an ascot), Daphne the popular but often mistaken for bait pretty girly girl, Velma the smart one but also the lonely one, and Shaggy the best guy in the world except for being the cowardest human alive. And then there’s Scooby, a Great Dane with very little courage but a big heart. Every episode, this jolly gang had to solve mysteries and the complexity of it all was sometimes mind blowing! Seriously, the intrigue was not always the strong point of the show but the humour and absurdity of it all made it fun to watch. Also, to me, it is one of the most beautiful shows when it comes to visual; the drawings are very gloomy and the ambiance is very special. Scooby and Shaggy are inseparable and I guess that’s a good thing because neither can survive without the other one! They need the other to have the courage necessary to follow the rest of the gang in their mystery inquests!
  • I love Scooby Doo.I grew up watching this.

    Man this show is totally awesome!! I think this is really the only non entirly comedy show I like. I just loved to try and figure out who done it. It seemed so scary sometimes as a kid. But it was a great show. The adventures that they went on were so exciting at the time. I always wanted to be one of them. I loved Scooby and his antics.
  • My #1 childhood right here.

    This show has always been one of my favorites. When I get a dog, I'm gonna name him Scooby because I love Scooby-Doo. I grew up watching this show on Cartoon Network and Boomerang, I've always loved it. I kinda had a crush on Daphne, which I didn't mind. At least now, this show can help me avoid these endless reboots. The show (and the franchise) has the best characters:

    Scooby-Doo- Main protagonist. Mystery Inc's fun-loving dog.

    Shaggy Rogers- Scooby's best friend who is a slacker that has a passion for food.

    Velma Dinkley- the brains of this group who sometimes loses her glasses and ends up being with Scooby and Shaggy.

    Daphne Blake- the damsel in distress. Despite being born from a rich family, Daphne is sweet, kind and friendly, but at the same time clumsy.

    Fred Jones- leader of this group. He is handsome, charming and very intelligent (when it comes to traps).

    Don't get me wrong. I love A Pup named Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island and 3 live-action Scooby-Doo movies such as: Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo 2 and Scooby-Doo The Mystery Begins, but seeing those countless remakes (without the involvement of Scrappy-Doo) makes me lose my mind. I mean, I love the characters, mystery-solving, but there's been so many repeats that it's driving me bananas. But other than that, I will forever love Scooby Doo until the day I die.
  • One Of Hanna-Barbera Great!

    Ahh.. Scooby Doo Where Are You! While Writing This I Am Watching My Scooby Doo DVD's. Some Of Great Episodes Are What A Night For A Knight, Decoy For A Dognapper, Foul Play In Funland, Scooby-Doo And A Mummy, Go Away Ghost Ship And Jeepers, It's The Creeper. What The Plot Well Everyone Know The Plot. For Kids 70's And 90's A Giant Nostalgia Trip 10/10.
  • Classic

    This was one of my favourite cartoons. A group of kids works on mysterious sightings of monsters who cause problems for people. I especially liked the duo shaggy and scooby they always did stupid things to make matters worse. Usually Velma had to help them. The places where the stories took place where also cool swamps, mines, castles, ships, islands. Most of the time the monsters where guys in costumes wanting to take revenge on people or trying to get people to leave for their own purposes. And i would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids! It's a kind of show that was exciting to watch. I grew up in the nineties and a lot of reruns where shown on Sunday morning. What hooked me on the show was the overall atmosphere. it was funny spooky and exciting to watch. Later you had the scooby doo show which also was very good. I haven't seen much of the newest mystery incorporated but i think you could milk out the show too much. Eventhow the show started in the late sixties it is still good fun.
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