Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

CBS (ended 1972)


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  • This show was before my time, but even as a ten year old watching it on Cartoon Network, I would say to myself "this is really stupid."

    I've never understood why Scooby Doo has such a strong cultural foothold. I guess with todays cartoons my generation has become jaded. But even so, there are few excuses that can be made for this show. Every episode is essentially the same; they break down, theres a "haunted" house/theme park/hotel/whatever. The ghost pirate/diver/clown chases them, it turns out to be the first character introduced. He was trying to scare everyone away so he could use whatever the haunting thing was. The jokes are lame, the animation is lazy, and the characters have basically set lines every episode. Why didn't Freddy and Daphne ever hook up either; there was something there. The Flintstones and other old cartoons managed to have interesting stories and characters. Scooby Doo, Where are You! might be popular but ever since I was little I have not liked this cartoon. The laugh track just made it even worse.
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