Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

CBS (ended 1972)


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  • Not trying to offend Scooby fans, but I just don't like Hanna Barbara's work (except, of course, Tom and Jerry).

    A couple things I don't like about the show:

    Bad sound effects: Ugh. The sound effects sound like they were done 4 decades before the show was produced. They are unappealing, and far from convincing.

    The humor and the laugh tracks:

    This show doesn't make me laugh, and I especially get annoyed by the seemingly constant sounds of the laugh tracks.

    The stories:

    Come on! They can do a lot better! The stories are always the same concept--Some criminal does something bad, the gang tries to solve it, Scooby and Shaggy are totally freaked out by whatever is in the place where they are, the villain always ends up being the first person they meet in the episode--add some variety, at least to change my opinion a little.

    If any die-hard fans of this show were offended by my review, I appologize. I meant no harm; my only intention was to express my opinion.