Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season 2 Episode 5

The Haunted House Hang-Up

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 10, 1970 on CBS
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The Haunted House Hang-Up
While driving to a concert, the gang gets lost. A strange man with a lantern tells them to avoid taking a right fork in the road. That would take them to a mansion that's rumored to be haunted by a headless man.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A real creepy Mystery!!

    This episode is certainly one of the most, if not the most creepy episode of "Scooby-Doo Where are you!".It takes place in a real creepy southern mansion and involves a very simple mystery with a very eerie ghost. The Setting is perfect, I love the haunted mansion. The Plot is nothing special but holds up well and the ghost is one of the greatest of the season - The headless spectre. It really is a strong episode but it is over to quickly and never really builds to a climax...however it is still a creepy classic!! 9/10 :Dmoreless
  • Well written

    headless ghost walks through an old abandoned house. Meanwhile, the gang is on it's way to a rock festival and Shaggy and Scooby are playing in the back, when they stop after seeing a sign. The sign is of no use and they figure out they are lost. They see a man named Shanks walking with a lantern and they tell him they are looking for Interstate Five. He says there is a long way and a short way. He says to go the long way because there is a haunted house on the short way. He tells them about a headless ghost. He warns them not to go the short way because anyone who had met the headless ghoul hadn't lived to tell about it. Shanks then disappears.

    They get to the fork in the road and they can't decide which way to go. They go the short route because they are low on gas, but their enguine overheats right in front of the haunted mansion. Scooby and Shaggy go to get water out of a well when a ghost floats out of the well. They run back to the gang and the van and tell them what happened. They all check it out, but the ghost is gone and no one believes Shaggy and Scooby. They also realize there is no bucket, so that means no water. They see a light in the mansion and decide to go in so they can get a bucket of water.

    They knock on the door and it opens, but no one is there. The door slams shut and they see a candle. They see the candle levitate and they run as it chases them. They go into a spooky room and see a painting of a man named Jefferson Stillwall. He is pointing at something. When they look back at him, the head goes missing. When Shaggy and Scooby show the others, the head is back. The gang hears a knocking and they go after it. Meanwhile, the headless specter goes into a room and picks up a chest as he laughs. They hear more pounding and find the sounds coming from behind a door. They see the same chest that the specter was holding earlier and Scooby agrees to open it. It's a wooden dummy head of Jefferson Stillwall and it frightens Scooby, but Scooby Snacks fix that problem. Scooby points out footprints and Shaggy doesn't want to go, but agrees to. The gang follows the footprints, but the tracks split up so the gang must split up. Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma hear knocking in a room so they go in and it is pitch dark. Shaggy and Velma comment on how each other's hands feel cold and clammy. When they get out of the dark room, they see that the headless specter was between them in the room. They run as the ghoul chases them through the house. They use a spinning wheel as a bicycle to get away from the ghost and crash out of the window of the house, onto an electrical line and into the well. They are in the well, when Scooby trips a secret passage in the well's wall. They all go into the tunnel as Fred and Daphne find a book with a strange riddle in it. They hear knocking again and find a tunnel. They decide to investigate and Daphne trips knocking them down into the passageway. It is an old fruit cellar. They meet up with Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby. Scooby and Shaggy find rubber balloons in jars. Velma also points out the helium gas tank. They figure out that the ghost was a helium balloon with a sheet over it was what Scooby and Shaggy saw. Fred hands Velma the book with the riddle in it. The riddle, 'marching men in single file, Stillwall shows the way,' must mean a column that the Stillwall painting was pointing to. They all go to the painting and see that he seems to be pointing at an old greenhouse, but no columns. Shaggy and Scooby don't see anything in the greenhouse, until they run into headless specter. They run back into the cellar and start blowing up balloons to get away from the ghost. They are all float up out of the well on balloons and the rest of the gang sees them. Scooby's balloon pops, making him run into Shaggy, who runs into the ghost. They crash in the chicken coop and the ghost's head pops out of the suit. The man is the owner of the mansion and used the specter to scare people away so he could hunt for the treasure that was rightly his. He didn't want anyone to steal it. They hear the thumping noises again in the attic and Fred and Shaggy decide to investigate. They see a man hacking away at a beam in the attic. The man chases Fred and Shaggy out of the house, but Velma and Daphne hold a rope up tripping the man. It is Mr. Shanks, Stillwall's neighbor. Scooby finds a carpet bag with money in it a column. The gang is eating pizza as they wrap up the loose ends. The picture had been pointing at the right column, but someone had moved the picture. The gang is back on the road to the festival and Scooby is playing with some drums and laughs when he gets his hands tied up.moreless
  • Very well done!

    When I watched this one, I really enjoyed it, not just as a kids show, but as a show that has some witty commentary. Most of the Scooby episodes and very cute, but not witty. Velma and Shaggy have some hilarious dialogue in this episode! It really made the chase of 'the spook' more exciting and funny. I enjoyed this episode because of the content too. You just can't' go wrong with a haunted plantation in the middle of no where with a bunch of spooky trees that is supposedly haunted by a guy with no head! I really feel this episode is a series classic.moreless
Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Freddy Jones

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

Norville "Shaggy" Rogers

Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer

Additional Voices

Heather North

Heather North

Daphne Blake

Jack Angel

Jack Angel

Additional Voices

Nicole Jaffe

Nicole Jaffe

Velma Dinkley

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Asa Shanks gives directions to the Gang, he mentions taking a left or right at the fork in the road. However, when he says left, he points right and when he says right he points left.

    • How did Shaggy manage to survive balancing on a thick wire, and then a big fall landing in shallow water?

    • If Asa Shanks wanted to make the gang avoid going past the Haunted Mansion, why couldn't he just pretend that the right fork leads them nowhere?

    • Although Shaggy, Scooby, and the headless specter all ride on balloons out of the well, it would be impossible to hold their weight in real life.

    • How can Shaggy, Scooby and Velma slide down a bannister while wearing suits of armor?

    • What happened to the rug on the staircase? When Shaggy lifts up the rug to deter the headless spectre, it looks like it went back into place. However, a few moments later, when Velma, Shaggy and Scooby are chased down the stairs by the spectre, the rug is no where to be found -- it is neither on the stairs or at the bottom of the staircase.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Asa Shanks: And I'da found it if it wasn't for you snoopers!

    • (deciding on which road to rake at the fork)
      Shaggy: Let's flip a slice of bologna to decide.
      Daphne: What?!
      Shaggy: Heads we go to the left and I eat it...tails we go to the right and I eat it.
      Velma: How can you have heads and tails on a slice of bologna?
      Shaggy: Heads is the mustard side...tails is plain!

    • Shaggy: Help! I'm drowning! Call the Coast Guard!
      Velma: Stand-up. The water's only knee deep.

    • Daphne: (points at the footprints) Look at that! The tracks go different directions.
      Shaggy: I've seen guys do the splits, but this is ridiculous.

    • Daphne: Footprints!
      Fred: Let's follow them.
      Shaggy: You guys go ahead. Scoob and me will stay here with old face-in-the-box.
      Velma: Aren't you curious?
      Shaggy: Not a bit. Scared? Yes. Curious? No.

    • Velma: Shaggy, the non-material embodiment or essence or organism that's seen as a specter, wraith, or apparition has been scientifically proven to be a sheer myth. In other words, there's no such thing as a ghost!
      Shaggy: Yeah, but does the ghost know that?

    • Daphne: (looking at the dilapidated old sign) I wonder what it says.
      Shaggy: It says twenty-four thousand miles to China. (points downward) That way.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The Headless Spectre appears in Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights.

    • Villian #1: Penrod Stillwall
      Reason: He wanted to scare snoopers off so he could search for his hidden family fortune.

      Villian #2: Asa Shanks
      Reason: He was searching for the Stillwall fortune.

    • When ABC reran this episode 1977 through 1984, network censors cut out a few seconds of footage during the chase song in which Shaggy, Scooby and Velma ride a makeshift bicycle (actually an old knitting loom) through a window and onto a utility wire before bouncing off the top of a pole and into a well. The edit has them riding out the window and immediately falling into the well.

    • Hal Smith provides several incidental roles in this episode.

    • The song Love the World, which is featured in this episode, appears on the album Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks: The Ultimate Collection.