Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season 1 Episode 6

What the Hex is Going On?

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 18, 1969 on CBS
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What the Hex is Going On?
When Velma sees the uncle of one of Daphne's friends mysteriously age by thirty years, and then the entire gang sees the man vanish into the Kingston Mansion, they are drawn in to yet another mystery.

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  • goofed up epsiode

    One part showsn that gang friend Sharon bound and gagged in a secret room-how did the sleuths find her? Likewise at the end Sharon remarks she know Stuart hadn't agged whe his wing blew off--and yet she is shocked when his makeup is removed to reveal Uncle Stuart! Also how can someone have a not broken hand after punching an anvil? by the way the haunted mansion used in this epsiodes was the teaser for the first series.moreless
  • One of the definite episodes of the series


    What the Hex is going on is a classic episode of the series, and one of the most memorable for good reason (the castle in the opening sequence is taken from this episode).

    The plot is fairly simple, but what makes this episode good is the mystery surrounding it, and the chemistry between Scooby and the Gang. Elias Kingston is a very menacing villain (that moan used to freak me out as a child).

    The reveal is fairly obvious (the Scooby Doo Show in my opinion did a better job with keeping the secret of the villains' identity less obvious by having several potential suspects), but otherwise this is a fairly intense episode of Scooby Doo Where Are You (the old animation helps).

    9 / 10 just for entertainment value.moreless
  • Extremely Classic but not Fabulous!

    This is a classic. No Doubt...A Classic! but with this said I really don't think this episode is really anything special. The Classic Formula is all there but it still seems like something is missing for this episode. Like they did not really spend as much time of it as they did with the others. The Animation is pretty bad if I am honest and the plot is a bit dodgy but I do like this episode, it is good. The ghost is very creepy but a bit more sociable than usual. The Setting is extremely haunting and Classic - Best thing about the episode if i'm honest - but apart from that everything else is slightly lacking. I do enjoy this episode to watch but I do feel that is is one of the weakest in the series 7/10 :Dmoreless
  • The gang must solve a mystery involving a family fortune.

    First of all, this episode has the best title ever!

    But other than the great title, this episode is just okay. The fact that people were aging rapidly was pretty cool for a show as old as this one is. That was a great and very original idea. I also liked that it involved some of Daphne's family because it was the first time in the season that proved that they weren't all orphans. [It could have been possible, they hadn't said until now!] Although it wasn't the scariest episode, it was still a good one.

    That's the great thing about this show, there are no filler episodes!moreless
  • Classic

    The gang is driving to a friends for the weekend, for some fun. They see a man going into an old mansion and they wonder what is going on. Sharron, the girl who invited them, says it's great to see the gang, but that it might be the wrong weekend. She says her Uncle Stewart is missing. They find a man who looks like her Uncle, except extremely old. He had aged many years in a no time at all!

    He told them about the ghost of Elias Kingston. The ghost warned that if he didn't get the money back to him, he would turn the entire family old. Scooby is appointed as the watch dog. Scooby sleeps as Uncle Stewart follows another ghostly voice. Scooby awakes the others to tell them, and Daphne says that Sharron has dissapeared also. They head up to the old mansion where it happened, but no one is to be seen.

    Shaggy is wearing skates, so he can get away from the ghost, but when he is pushed by the ghost with air from a device to fan a fire, he trips and falls. Scooby at this time is in the kitchen when he sees another dog who wants the bone he has in his hand. Scooby runs, but ends up knocking the door down in the end. Shaggy trips and falls into the shower, and is soaked. They figure out that the dog Scooby and Shaggy saw was a watch dog. Shaggy finds the bones of Uncle Stewart sitting in a chair and they figure that they might not be dealing with an actual ghost. The ghost creeps up on them and warns them that they will all grow old. They go out to the graveyard and see the ghost go into the masoleum. They check for fingerprints and find a bunch on the handle to the masoleum. Fred opens the door and Scooby goes in after being convinced with some Scooby Snacks. They find a book on how to read a crystal ball, when they hear the door slam shut. They start tapping on the walls to find a place out, and Scooby disappears behind the wall. They find a secret passage behind one of the walls and get in the van to go the Swami's place. They go in to see no one inside. Daphne opens the storage closet and a bunch of stuff falls out and they see an old lady come in and calls for the swami. They get rid of the lady and the table starts to float and chases them.

    The face in the cystal ball is the ghost. He laughs and the table continues to chase them. The table finally crashes and they see a fan was propelling it. They see that the face in the crystal ball was from a camera. They start figuring out a plan to trap the ghost.

    Shaggy and Scooby go to find the ghost with the fortune. The ghost takes the bait and opens the chest, and a clown pops out and sprays water in his face. He chases the two of them and they hide. The ghost comes and they use the camera to confuse the ghost. The ghosts starts to freak out and they throw a on him net and catch the him. They clean off the face paint and see it's Uncle Stewart. He wanted to try and scare them into giving him the family fortune. They all go to eat, and they find the turkey gone and Scooby happy after eating it.moreless

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