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  • Season 3
    • On a fishing trip, the gang ends up in Canada at the newly deserted village of Bottomless Lake. Turns out the beast has scared everyone away, which only leaves Scooby, and the gang, to fritter away.
    • 12/16/78
      While touring England, the gang comes upon tennis star Jimmy Pelton, who's been cursed by the Warlock Anthos and told if he plays at Wimbledon, he's doomed!
    • The gang is in Puerto Rico to visit an ancient fortress where the ghost is the comander of the ancient El Moro fortress named Juan Carlos who warns them to stay away from his fortress.
    • A Menace in Venice
      Episode 13

      The gang goes to visit their friend Antonio in Venice, Italy, and find that he's haunted by the ghost of an ancestor, the Ghostly Gondolier, who seeks to steal the ancient necklace/family heirloom Antonio wears!

    • In China, the gang runs into the Moon Monster. Legend has it that if you run into his shadow, you will get turned into stone.
    • 11/18/78
      At first glance, it would appear that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame is the Diabolical Disc Demon. But it isn't! The Demon is real and it has decided to haunt Jimmy Lewis, a rock 'n' roll star and force him to give him a half-finished song of a missing writer.
    • The gang goes to visit one of Velma's professor friends, Professor Grier, at Vulture Claw Botanical Gardens. Also along with the professor is a preying mantis creature lurking around in the gardens.
    • Daphne's aunt transforms into a cat creature late at night when the cat creature locket glows and robs jewelry stores in her sleep.
    • 10/28/78
      The gang, along with their plane, lands in the Jaguaro jungle in Rio De Janerio due to an emergency. The Jaguaro is a saber-tooth and half ape hybrid, which does not make a very friendly critter. It also makes for a very dangerous critter, which Scooby understands early on as the Jaguaro seems to want to eat him as his next meal.moreless
    • 10/21/78

      The gang must investigate an old prison where the ghost of Iron Face lurks after their friend is kidnapped.

    • The gang heads to Scotland to help Velma's friend Aggie MacDuff, who's ancestral castle home, which she's turned into a tourist attraction, is being haunted by the ghost of her great grandfather Finnyan MacDuff, who in turn has summoned the Loch Ness Monster to help him scare away potential tourists.
    • The Tar Monster
      Episode 5

      The gang decides to visit their pal, Professor Brickston in the lost city of Byzantius, Turkey. The city is so lost that the only residents are the professor, his helpers and of course, the Tar Monster.

    • 9/30/78
      In 1778, a witch was burned at stake. The gang goes to Arlene Wilcox to help her solve a mystery involving the witch. The gang solve the mystery fast since everyone in Salem is convinced that the witch has become Arlene.
    • The gang goes to visit their pal, Professor Krueger up in the North Pole, but he's disappeared before they get there. Turns out Jurassic Park is in full operation up in Santa Land as a fur covered dinosaur is wandering around. Was the Prof this beast's last main course?
    • While out on an ocean sailing trip, the gang runs into a hurricane and end up stranded on a deserted island--which appears to be home base for a UFO that captures Hurricane Hunter aircraft! Not only that, but there are also some skeleton men on the loose!
    • 9/9/78
      The Gang is going to meet Velma's Uncle at his cabin. The gang gets worried when they find him gone. While looking for Velma's uncle, they see something monstrous flying in the sky they learn that it's the willawaw an owl-like monster that according to legend will carry it's victim off when an owl calls the person's name but not only that but some owl creatures are on the loose.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1