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  • This show is too scary

    I dont mind watching this once in a while but it is extremely scary!
  • Am I the only one on earth who hates this show?

    It would appear so yes but i\'ll tell you why, this show is repetative, almost every episode is exactly the same, I will explain:

    First off it starts with them going some place and for whatever reason theres a \"mystery\", shaggy and scooby get scared.

    Second off they start to do the dumbest thing ever, they split up - I\'ll act it out myself \"Shaggy and scobby go that way, me and the drop dead gorgeous chick here will go this way but don\'t count on seeing us for a while\". The gang set up a trap for the ghost (its almost always a ghost).

    Thirdly, the ghost chases shaggy and scooby, theres usually a montage of some kind and then scooby sets off the trap... and still somehow manages to catch the bad guys.

    Then they reveal the identity of the guy/gal behind it and explain how they caught them... \"Well basically it was the first person we spoke to and he wanted the land\" is the gist of it.

    Sure, its fine when you see it once but when you look at an entire series which all episodes are identical it really puts you off it.
  • Scooby doobie doo, what have they done to you.

    I love this show, for a show that is 30 years old it is still funny and will stand the test of time for more years to come. One of the only problems i have with this show is almost every bad guy the show had was an old creepy guy, and the way they made the the bad guys costumes make no sense half the time like the tar monster i think it was had constant movement, I know its just a kids show but even back when i was a kid that would bug me. With that being said this is still a funny show, I loved it as a kid and I will love it til the day i die.
  • Scooby Doo

    The Scooby Doo Show premiered on ABC in September 1976 as part of The Scooby-Doo-Dynomutt Hour, in which new episodes of Scooby Doo shared an hour with a superhero dog named Dynomutt. It was a revamped version of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? which started on CBS in 1969.

    In September of 1977, The Scooby-Doo Show once again shared an hour with The All-Star Laff-A-Lympics,which placed Scooby's team, Yogi's team, and Dread Baron's team competing to win points for their team.

    In 1978, the show had its own 30-minute segment until it was replaced with Scooby and Scrappy Doo in 1979.
  • A dog helps solve crimes.

    This is such a classic from childhood. I love all the original episodes of this series because of how obvious all the mysteries are. I love how in the first season a lot of the time there is like only one suspect so that it is clear who committed the crime. Fred is great as the manly man (in an ascot) who is so square in these episodes it is great. I love Velma as she uses her intelligence to solve crimes. Then the best part comes from the interactions between Scooby and Shaggy who are scared of everything and are constantly eating and being hilarious.
  • This show is better than the first season

    Scooby dum is hilarouis and the villians are smart. They arent easy to guess who they are. I like the theme song. Epiodes to see.

    1. Vampire bats and scaredy cats
    2. no face zombie chase
    3.Diablo disc demon

    Episodes not to watch

    1. The creepy cruise
    2. Ghost of bad humor
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  • The Scooby Doo Show is the Best Scooby Doo Spin-off ever since the Original Began. All Scooby doo fans will be Enthirlled to this.

    My 63rd review after: "Transformers".

    This is one of the Many Scooby doo spin-offs. It was more Newer and the Voice acting changed a Lot and it's new myserties Fun factor went up. This cartoon will Off course get an A+. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: D+ 4.5/10.0 Poor. Velma's Voice sounds like an Old lady, while Scooby doo sounds like he's a puppy agian. (same voice as A pup named Scooby doo) Animation: C- 5.9/10.0 Medicore but The colors and the Backgrounds are all Washed up and Blurry.

    Graphics: B 8.0/10.0 Great! That's How I want it!

    Sound: A++ 10.0/10.0 Not only is a Spin-off of the Original, But they even have the same Perfect music as the Original! With Perfectly Made sound effects.

    Dialouge: C-- 5.0/10.0 Pretty much the same.

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 10.0/10.0 Perfect.

    Overall: A+ 9.0/10.0 One of the Best spin-offs EVER! I loved this spin-off! They even featured new characters such as: Scooby Dum. You have to watch this. It's so Amazing.
  • a good show

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  • This show is okay. It could be better though.

    The show is about a gang who solves mysteries with their dog named Scooby Doo. I like this concept actually. The show is very humorous especially when it first aired. The show is pretty old now, but the art was impressive for the time. The storyusually has some monster who is terrozing people. The problem with this is it gets old fast. You will probably never want to watch an episode you have already seen. The show is great overall the only issue I have with it is the episodes contain boredom. I think everybody should watch this show itleast once though.
  • One of the best.

    Scooby doo has had so many shows over the years it isn't funny. This one is a great one and shouldn;t be missed by Scooby fans.

    It was well written, the writers allowed each story jsut enough of different elements to make it all work and kept it in line with all of Scooby's other shows.

    The voice actors were the same as most of the other shows, or for the most part sounded the same, and did just as good a job as they usually do.

    Overall this Scooby show was very good, one of the best and deserves a look.
  • a classic

    this has to be one of my favourite shows ever. i just keep whatching the re-runs.

    it's sillyness just makes me laugh so much and it always cheers me up.

    although i must admit i get jelous and hungry of how much shaggy adn scooby can eat.. and don't get fat all! lol..only in tv shows...

    my favourite character is daphne. althou my personality is more like velma, i like daphne more maybe because i like her outfit...maybe because someone told me to play her when i was a kid..ionno.

    this is a great show and really hilarious. a REAL CLASSIC and everybody should whatch it because i'm sure they will enjoy it =]
  • An Amazing Show!

    This TV show is really good. I have not seen it in like 1 year but it still airs and I think I will watch it again and I know it will be great. There are alot of videos for this series as will and it also reminds me of Dilbert accept more for kids. I think this show will stay on hopefully Till I'm old enough to drink. I agree with the other reviews for this show!
  • well the show is not really intresting for kids over 10

    I don't give it lower score because some small kids might still enjoy it but the show is not really enteresting for the simple reason that it gets a liitle bit borring when you watch more then 10 episodes...CN used to show a lot of episodes and when you watch them over and over again it get's's not a bad show but the endings are the same in every single episode and none of the charecters have any developmen trughout the of the few things I enjoy is scooby-doo and his speaking problem if I may called that..well if you don't have anything better to do you can still watch it but don't expect to be blown away
  • Scooby-Doo is a show about the talking crime-solving dog, Scooby-Doo and his friends, Shaggy (the clueless one), Daphne (the damsel in distress), Velma (the smart one), and Fred (the leader who came up with botched plans).

    I have always adored this show. I loved watching Scooby as a kid, and watching him solve the mysteries. Yes, it was a little cliche. I mean, almost every episode something happened to poor Daphne, and everything else happened to Scooby and Shaggy. They were always the ones who ran into the monsters, and then Fred would come up with a plan that Scooby and/or Shaggy would botch. Really, now that I think about it, every episode was almost the same. They'd discover a monster, Daphne would get kidnapped most of the time, Shaggy and Scooby would be chased by the monster, Fred would come up with a plan that Shaggy and/or Scooby would botch (as I said earlier), and Velma would reveal who it really was with little clues that were almost impossible for me, at least to link together before she said anything. But still, I loved the show so much and they really need to bring the old version back. Once I'd seen a lot of the old ones, I started watching the Young Scooby-doo and all the other versions, but I love the original. The movies were pretty good, though. So yes, bring Scooby back!
  • Scooby dooby dooo

    this is the all time childrens classic, all the gang working on some mistery! i lovved this when i was a little kid, thought it was the best show like all time!
    one thing i though was stupid is that it was always one of the shady looking people that turned out to be the monster or pulling the prank, i think they should of made it real at least once, but oh well, i suppose it made me laugh at shaggy and scoobies shananagans and at the end the bad guy gets hand cuffed by the police and goes \'i could of gotton away with it to if it wer\'t for you pesky kids\'. yeh its an all time favorite childrens classic
  • The Scooby Doo Show is the best show EVER.It's not just for kids it's for everyone and it is GREAt or as Scooby would say Rooooby Doooby Dooo!!!!

    I have to say that this is the best scoob ydoo show ever. I have loved Scooby Doo ever sinse I was little and out of all the Scooby Doo series this is the best.It has great episodes like Whata A Shocking Ghost,The No-Face Zombie Chase, and The Gator Ghoul. Also with some of the best villans like The 10,000 volt Ghost, The Gator Ghoul, The Headless Horseman of Halloween and the chocolate,strawberry, and vanilla phantoms.If you don't like this show you don't know what your missing. These episodes should be on DVD.The Bad thing is that some of the best episodes aren't even on video.
  • Scooby Doo is EASILY the best cartoon show ever made, hands down...can\\\'t even argue it. Its just too bad they dont have the archives of \\\"Scooby Doo, Where Are You?\\\" on yet(that I\\\'ve seen), because those were the first Scooby Doo episode

    Im 16 now, and from time to time i still catch this show when i can, along with \\\"Scooby Doo, Where Are You?!\\\" and \\\"What\\\'s New Scooby Doo?\\\" \\\"What\\\'s New Scooby Doo?\\\", isnt THAT great, but i still appreciate it, and the fact that most of the original chararcters are still doing the voice overs for the new show. I also really Enjoy the first two seasons of Digimon: Digital Monsters, but Scooby Doo is probably my favorite show of all time...more than a classic, like another review said its an integral part of tv history.
  • YES!

    this show is a serious classic that i think is one of the most important parts of american history and just how phenomenal that the show in general has been, is, and forever will be. the characters are zany and original, and te animation is hilarious! i give this show a total #1!
  • Any children's show that is so much a part of adult pop culture needs respect.

    Despite being redone, resuscitated, regurgitated, and adapted into a shoddy movie, Scooby Doo is still a classic. Very few shows, live action or animation can go through so many format changes and still draw an audience, generation after generation. The original, "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" spawned many copycat competitors (speedbuggy, jabberjaw, josie and the pussycats, etc.) but lead them all. The orginal was well-written, thought-provoking, and managed to employ dark settings while still making children laugh and wonder. Though many Scooby series since this one have mitigated the effect of the first by repeating gags, plots,and monsters; some magic remains. And as long as kids have a Scooby Doo for their generation, it remains fresh to them.
  • Rooby rooby roo

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  • The Scooby Doo Show

    This is one of the most classic cartoons I have ever seen. I like all versions of Scooby Doo they are all equally as funny as one another. I really like it a lot it is funny and entertaining and you can really laugh at it. This show is hillarious.
  • The best comedy dog and crime fighter in one!

    My all time best, bar maybe Futurama(the best!!!!) Although at first to some, Scooby may seem clumsy,dopey and not worth watching they are a very good and entertaining series and the old ones are most proably the best dispite the details, the craftmenship put into the writing is still there with that hannah barbra magic. The show has been going on for a very long time and even though some hate and despise it everyone has seen an episode an most will secretly admit they like this great show. dogs are now overused in cartoons but the original(or one of) will always remain in our minds and will still propsper with many years to come. Its does have down sides like the ever loved or hated scrappy doo(annoying!!!) But has good charecters like the Dopy scooby dumb and the canaines best friend, shaggy who most look up to as a role model, a great and always will be great show.
  • Scooby Doo iss an animated cartoon about a talk dog and his gang of friends that solves mysteries. Scooby Doo is a classic.

    Scooby Doo is one of my favorite pass time cartoons. I love Scooby Doo so much. I still watch the show. I think that Scooby Doo is a classic. I remember when I first saw it. I love Scooby and the whole gang. I think that Scooby is soo funny. I will always remember Scooby Doo.
  • Simply a classic!

    Just to clear things up this is not the first Scooby-Doo show.First one was Where Are You Scooby-Doo? and after that came The New Scooby-Doo Movies.After The new movies series came this The Scooby-Doo show.I think this is the best Scooby-Doo show ever!This has more creepier plots than in the first series and a btter drawing style.Sadly these episodes aren't availeable in DVD format.I hope that they release a complete set someday.
  • Still fun to watch, even after all these years.

    I first saw the show as a kid - just as most others posting on this site, I guess - and I really liked it. The show combined both the slighty scary and the crime stories.

    Of course after a while you realize that the stories will always run more or less the same way. There's something supernatural (a ghost, a monster or something like that) and in the end it turns out that this thing has been man-made (usually some bad guy in a costume). That doesn't mean the stories weren't good. And in addition you could guess who was behind it and how it was done by following the clues. For someone like me who wanted to be a p.i. some day (didn't become one, though), that was fun.

    Considering the time at which the show was made, the animation was quite good. You cannot apply modern expectations to a series that's as old as you or even older. But the characters were well defined and the stories were firm, at least they never cheated and 'invented' some new evidence in the end as some other shows did.

    Even today I enjoy watching the show when I happen to find it running somewhere. To me, it's one of the real classic cartoons and it always will be.
  • Best Cartoon Ever!

    I don't know when i started watching Scooby Doo, but i do know i love it and have seen almost all of them. I loved the Movies, 1 and 2. And even thugh the old "Scooby Doo Where Are You" were the best, I still watch and love all things Scooby Doo. (except Scrappy, he's anoying!)
  • Not Bad, Not Good.

    As i normally say, not the best! It does have a xtreme set of ratings. Not the best, but a very good idia and a good make.

    Graphics/ 6/10: Good for in the olden but it goes black to many times and they always use the same colors.

    Adventure/ 7:10: Now ... ahhhh! Could they stop using olden things????? ????? ????? ????? ???? ????

    Fun/Laughter/ 7/10: Could make some better jokes but, i know its old.

    Final Score: 8.7
    Added Score: 6.6 (Aprox)

    Its never benn in a top 3. But still is wicked. But I Prefer the new ones. Not as good as/u/wud/think!
  • Campy Fun!

    Scooby Doo was one of my personal favorites as a kid, and I'm delighted to find my son is still able to enjoy it, too! Though I once thought it was the coolest cartoon on TV, I now love it for what it is - great, campy fun. Guest stars from Sonny & Cher to Batman & Robin to Don Knotts appeared regularly on the original series. Alone or with guest stars, the teen Mystery, Inc. team of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby always found a way to crack the case and reveal the bad guy. The characters were all unique. Fred was the macho leader of the gang. Daphne was the frail, requisite beauty. Velma was the nerdy, but essential brains of the operation, and Shaggy and Scooby were the the ever-hungry scaredy cats who often nabbed the bad guy, however unintentionally. Good, clean, campy fun...Scooby Doo is classic cartoon at its best.
  • I Asked To Bring The Show Back And They Did!

    They always showed the same episodes of Scooby Doo Where Are You, and I asked them to bring back some of the other shows like they used to air, and they brought in "Scooby Universe",

    And whatever are you people talking about?! The Scooby Doo Show is the best one. Scooby Doo Where Are You is so boring. It is always dark, they always go into a creepy old house, and Daphne gets lost in a secret passage, and Velma loses her glasses, and the same creepy music plays in each episode.

    Then they got to this show and it is much better. The mysteries are much better. At the end they summerize what happened and how the people did it. They have better music and I remember more people laughing in the background. (Something very common in HB shows.)

    It was part of the Scooby Doo Dynomutt Hour, and then the shows became seperate and were successful until Scrappy came into the picture. Fred, Velma, and even Daphne left the show for a while (probably because they couldn't stand him.)

    There were many different Mystery Machines. It was a Volkswagen, then it was red, and at the same time it was also a plane, and now It's a Dodge. They used it on the TV movies, (The newer ones without Scrappy.) And in the Motion Pictures.
  • I used to watch this show all the time when I was growing up. It was always due to "those meddling kids" that the bad guy would get caught.

    The Scooby Doo show did not last long enough on TV. Every cartoon had Velma losing her glasses, Scooby and Shaggy asking for Scooby Snacks in order to chase down the villians.

    All of the episodes that are on DVD are just as thrilling as when they were originally released and placed on reruns.

    Enjoy the gang as they chase down the villians.

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