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  • Am I the only one on earth who hates this show?

    It would appear so yes but i\'ll tell you why, this show is repetative, almost every episode is exactly the same, I will explain:

    First off it starts with them going some place and for whatever reason theres a \"mystery\", shaggy and scooby get scared.

    Second off they start to do the dumbest thing ever, they split up - I\'ll act it out myself \"Shaggy and scobby go that way, me and the drop dead gorgeous chick here will go this way but don\'t count on seeing us for a while\". The gang set up a trap for the ghost (its almost always a ghost).

    Thirdly, the ghost chases shaggy and scooby, theres usually a montage of some kind and then scooby sets off the trap... and still somehow manages to catch the bad guys.

    Then they reveal the identity of the guy/gal behind it and explain how they caught them... \"Well basically it was the first person we spoke to and he wanted the land\" is the gist of it.

    Sure, its fine when you see it once but when you look at an entire series which all episodes are identical it really puts you off it.