Season 1 Episode 5

The Headless Horseman of Halloween

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1976 on ABC
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The gang is having fun at a Halloween costume party with their friend who happens to be a descendant of Ichabod Crane. Their fun turns into a nightmare when the headless horseman shows up.

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  • Trully a great episode of the Scooby Doo Show.

    Trully a good episode yet I found a mistake in the making.In the beginning when Shaggy starts to takeall the food and drops it and Scooby eats the food and the plates they're on.Yet I still say it was a great episode.Also it was another episode with Scooby Dum.I laughed at how Shaggy refered the Headless Horseman as Pumpkin Puss.I think it is a great episode ,but how canCousin Ellwood(The Villian) ride on his horse as the Headless Horseman with the pumpkin on his.Simply mind bogalling.I think that they should redo these episodes and get rid of all the mistakes.moreless

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    • Beth: In the middle of the battle, the Revolutionaries fired a cannon, hitting one of the bravest Hessian soldiers, taking off his head. They never found it again.
      Shaggy: I wouldn't guess they'd look very hard.
      Beth: His headless body was buried in the cemetery just down the road from here. And the legend says that on dark foggy nights, the Headless Horseman rides out searching for a head, which is why he chased my great, great grandfather, Ichabod Crane.
      Velma: What happened to Ichabod?
      Beth: We don't know, nobody in Sleepy Hollow ever saw him again.

    • Velma: Who's that old gentleman?
      Beth: That's my great great grandfather, Ichabod Crane.
      Freddie: You mean the Ichabod Crane, who lived here in Sleepy Hollow until?
      Beth: Until one dark night, along his way to the cemetery, he found himself chased by...(Shaggy and the Scoobys bust in)
      Shaggy: A..a Headless Horseman!
      Beth: That's right, Shaggy, but how did you know?
      Scooby: How? (nays and pulls his head in)
      Shaggy: Right, he like practically ran over us, and the horse was, was all glowing, and the rider's head looked like...(Scooby puts a pumpkin on his head) Like that pumpkin!

    • Cousin Elwood: And it would've been a perfect crime, if you kids hadn't crossed me up.

    • Shaggy: There he is, old pumpkin puss!

    • Velma: The hands came from the wall.
      Shaggy: I've heard of walls having ears but hands too?

    • Shaggy: I'll remember this Halloween night for the rest of my life...IF I have a rest of my life.

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