Season 3 Episode 4

To Switch a Witch

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1978 on ABC



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    • (the mog has Scooby in mistake for Arlene)
      Squire: We'll make her confess to being a witch!
      Shaggy: She's no witch, she's a dog!

    • Freddy: It just says Gemini, the rest is blotted out.
      Shaggy: Maybe gemini's a birth sign, I was born under a hospital sign myself.
      Velma: Arlene can't be a gemini, they're born in the spring, and Arlene's birthday is in October.

    • Arlene: I'm a direct descendant to that woman who was burnt 200 years ago for witchcraft.
      Velma: So he thinks the witch has possessed your body.
      Arlene: That's right.

    • Shaggy: Remember it's Halloween and Scoob and me want to go trick or treating.
      Fred: First we have to help Arlene, and then you two can go trick or treating.

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