Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics

Season 2 Episode 7

Canada and Warsaw, Poland

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jul 24, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

CANADA 1st Event: Royal Canadian Get Your Man Contest Objective: Competitors are assigned to track down a robot version of Mumbly in the forest. First to capture and bring it to the finish line wins 50 points. Competing: YY-Cindy Bear SD-Taffy RR-Daisy Mayhem Daisy rides on Sooey Pig and Cindy is assisted by a bloodhound, who does the job even when he's sleepwalking. (RR Cheat) The real Mumbly uses himself as a decoy in an effort to trick the opposing teams as the Dalton Brothers set booby traps, which ultimately fail, including a snare trap that catches Mumbly when he's chased by Taffy. Competitors converge to a tree and Daisy seemingly bags her man and dashes with Sooey to the finish line. Upon review however, she caught the real Mumbly. The contest not over, Taffy and Cindy spot and catch the robot, and bring it to the finish line together. Their respective teams split the bonus points. Scoring: SD-25 YY-25 RR-0 2nd Event: Arctic Circle Dog Sled Race Objective: Racing on dogs like the traditional iditarod, competitors follow the racing route. First to finish wins. Competing: YY-Quick Draw McGraw SD-Scooby-Doo and Shaggy RR-Dread Baron Dread races on Rupert, a huge prehistoric hairy mammoth abdominable snow dog for an early lead with Yogis second and Scoobys third. Shaggy motivates Scooby with a Scooby Snack and they nearly pass the Rottens until Rupert spooks Scooby with a loud bark which works too well as the ice cracks, opening a big crevace which the Rottens nearly fall. They hang on to each end as Yogis and Scoobys use them as a bridge. Quick Draw leads until Scoobys pass them, then Rupert uses his strength to close the crevace and speeds past both teams for the lead until they crash into a snow hill, allowing the others to pass them again. Nearing the finish, Scoobys and Yogis spot a patch of thin ice and are reluctant to go further until they're swept by the snowpile Dread previously crashed into. He doesn't heed the warning sign and proceeds, but ultimately falls through the thin ice, getting frozen into a block. The snowhill crashes through the finish line, and once uncovered, Quick Draw finishes a couple of dog lengths ahead of the Scoobys team. Rottens bring up the rear. Scoring: Y-25 S-15 R-10 After 2 Events: YY-50 SD-40 RR-10 WARSAW, POLAND 3rd Event: Polish Free-Form Pole Vault Objective: Competitors can use any kind of pole to clear the bars. Winner will be determined by electric eye installed on the bars. Competing: YY-Huckleberry Hound, using a spring coil pole initially hangs on upon planting the pole before letting go and clears the bars at a height of 11 feet. SD-Scooby-Dum, using a long S-shaped pole, moves like a ballerina toward the mark, but stumbles and rolls before taking off, but clears the bars at a height of 13 feet. RR-Mr. Creeply, uses a pole even shorter than him, but is assisted by his teammates, stacked one on top of the other. He plants the pole, then is raised back upward and jumps off, using a parachute to clear the bars at a height of 50 feet. The Rotten stack stumbles and one by one, fall over, bouncing off the cushion pad, but it's still a victory nonetheless. Scoring: R-25 S-15 Y-10 After 3 Events: YY-60 SD-55 RR-35 FINAL EVENT: Pogo Stick Race Objective: Competitors race on pogo sticks following the city race route. First to finish wins. Competing: YY-Pixie SD-Babu RR-Mumbly Pixie gets the early lead. Mumbly uses a motorized stick (RR Cheat). Babu's stick breaks from his excess weight, but uses his magic to get it working. However, it bounces away without him. Mumbly gets ahead of Pixie with his high-bouncing motor stick, but he falls into a river as Pixie passes him again. Babu's stick passes Pixie as he gives chase, so he uses magic again to add a magic carpet with a pogo stick on each corner to get him into the race. Mumbly gets ahead of Pixie, who gets boosted onto a telephone wire when an underground elevator opens up. Babu passes both of them for the lead, but he says "Yapple Dapple" one too many times and his magic carpet with pogo sticks reverts to his original busted one. He decides to hop to it from this point on as he nears the finish line. The others close in and Mumbly passes him, but falls into an open manhole. And just when it looks like the genie will win, Pixie passes him at the last second, narrowly crossing the finish line first, which gives the victory to the Yogis. Scoobys are second and Rottens are third. Scoring: Y-25 S-15 R-10 Final Score: YY-85 SD-70 RR-45 At the awards podium, Pixie is awared the gold medal, Babu the silver, and Mumbly sits with his back turned, wears the bronze.