Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics

Season 2 Episode 6

Morocco and Washington, D.C.

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jul 17, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap


Objective: Ride your scooter through the streets of Morocco.

YY: Hokey Wolf SD: Blue Falcon RR: Daisy Mayhem

(RR cheat) Daisy ties her scooter to Blue Falcon's so he'll pull her. It gets loose and she crashes (Pending review). (RR cheat) The Rottens use a glop of cuss-cuss to inmmobilize Blue Falcon's scooter and Dynomutt converts himself into a replacement to get Scoobys back into the race. (Pending review) (RR cheat) Daisy Mayhem gets into a truck driven by Mr. Creeply to get to the finish line first (Pending review), with Hokey Wolf and Blue Falcon finishing after her for a tie. Daisy was given last place as penalty for cheating. Because the other were then tied for first, her third place became second.

Scoring: YY-25 SD-25 RR-15

Objective: Drive your chariot through ancient ruins.

YY: Doggie Daddy SD: Dynomutt RR: Dread Baron

Dread Baron was leading when something sends him back and a dune puts him back on the right way but upside down and through the air. He asks the other Rottens to use a net to catch him and (RR cheat) figure a way to stop the others. The Yogis and the Scoobys escape the tricks and the net fails to catch Dread baron because of two stone columns that somehow throw him to the first place.

Scoring: R-25 Y-15 S-10 After 2 events: YY-40 RR-40 SD-35


Objective: Race your car through Washington, D.C.

YY: Yakky Doodle SD: Tinker and Speed Buggy RR: The Great Fondoo and Magic Rabbit

Fondoo starts the wrong way and puts himself in the last place. (RR cheat) Fondoo tries to shrink Yakky but his magic does the opposite and now Yakky is fast enough to surpass the Scoobys. (RR cheat) Mr. Creeply and Orful Octopus make a parade to make Yakky and Tinker stop and Fondoo passes them. Still huge due to Fondoo's spell, Yakky quickly recovers the first place. Fondoo then uses magic to increase his speed. It backfires when they had to race around the Lincoln Memorial. Fondoo then tries to stop the car but only the wheels stop. the car crashes into a lake. Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf show up in a submarine and Fondoo uses magic to exchange his car for the submarine. He now races on a 4-wheel-submarine. Next to the end (RR cheat) he uses his magic to shrink Yakky back to his normal size. In doing so, however, he causea all the cars to stop. Tinker pushes Speed Buggy as all the cars begin to move again. Scoobys finish first, followed by Yogis, and the Rottens third. Scoring: S-25, Y-15, R-10 After 3 events: SD-60 YY-55 RR-50

Objective: Race through the obstacle course set up like a military facility.

YY: Boo Boo Bear SD: Hong Kong Phooey RR: Orful Octopus

Instead of using a rope on the last obstacle, Orful uses his tentacles and slingshots himself to win the race.

Scoring: R-25 Y-15 S-10 Final Score: RR-75 YY-70 SD-70