Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics

Season 2 Episode 2

New York and Turkey

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 19, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap



Objective: Race through the Central Park.

YY: Doggie Daddy SD: Blue Falcon RR: Mr. Creeply

(RR cheat) The Rottens make a fake detour to lead Blue Falcon to the frozen lake. BF's unicorn later flies to the first place. While in the zoo, Doggie Daddy surpasses Mr. Creeply, who (RR cheat) tries to send DD to a cage but it backfires and he's sent to a mother gorilla who "adopts" him. Later on, Doggie Daddy surpasses Blue Falcon but is forced to stop when his horse falls in love with the horse statue. Blue Falcon wins the race. In their race for the second place, Doggie Daddy pushes the statue to the finish line as this is the only way to make his horse move, while Creeply, Sr. is carried by the gorilla. They end the race tied for second.

Scoring: SD-25, YY-15, RR-15


Objective: Be the first one to put a garland of flowers on the head of the Liberty Statue.

YY: Grape Ape SD: Captain Caveman RR: Orful Octopus

Orful uses two of his tentacles as a slingshot to send him quickly to the top but he went too high and misses the target. Cavey picks a dinosaur under his fur and climbs on it. Grape Ape was almost reaching Cavey when Dread Baron uses a magnet to pull a metal rod held by Orful (along with Mumbly) but the pull-power is too much and he misses the target again. Grape Ape and Captain Caveman were almost reaching the top when Orful Octopus uses his tentacles to turn himself into a helicopter and also reach the top. They seemed to reach it at the same time. Upon review, the garland on the bottom, belonging to Cavey, is declared the winner for the Scoobys, with Grape's in the middle second for the Yogis and Orful's on top third for the Rottens.

Scoring: S-25 Y-15 R-10 After 2 events: SD-50 YY-30 RR-25



Objective: Race on a unicycle.

YY: Hokey Wolf SD: Scooby-Dum RR: Dread Baron

(RR cheat) Dread Baron turns his unicycle in a motorcycle. a carpet falls on the motorcycle, destroying it. (RR cheat) Daisy tries to stop Hokey with a watermelon but a spring on his unicycle allows him to escape. Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf give Dread Baron a new unicycle. A bridge opens, making Dread Baron fall on a ship, which works to his benefit as its smokestacks blasts him into first place. After spinning several times around a statue, the racers were in a position it wasn't possible to tell who was leading. After crossing the finish line, each one falls on the one who crossed before, making it possible to see that Dread Baron won, Hokey would got second place and Scooby-Dum third.

Scoring: R-25 Y-15 S-10 After 3 events: SD-60 RR-50 YY-45


Objective: Swim across a dangerous channel.

YY: Mr. Jinks, Pixie and Dixie SD: The Teen Angels RR: The Dalton Brothers

Mr. Jinks and Dinky Dalton were about to cross a particularly dangerous part of the path when Mildew Wolf says he couldn't see it. (RR cheat) Dinky Dalton took advantage of this to use a mini jet to surpass the danger. Near the end, Dastardly Dalton was in last until a big wave throws him, as confirmed by slow motion, to first place, with the Yogis in second and the Scoobys in third.

Scoring: R-25 Y-15 S-10 Final Results: RR-75, SD-70, YY-60