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MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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Two would-be music geniuses with different tastes (hip-hop vs. punk, R&B vs. pop, etc.) battle to win a date with the hottie of their dreams by creating an original song especially for them. Host Ryan Cabrera and his band work with each contestant on everything from the lyrics to the arrangement with one goal in mind: to create the hottest track possible. The show culminates in a live performance of each song, after which our hottie will choose their date by following their ears, never having seen their admirers.
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  • Nice, nice, a very nice show with Ryan F. Cabrera

    In one day, 24 hours, Ryan Cabrera help two musicians to write a song to a "dream date" that they then perform with infront of an audience. To write a song in just one day isn't the tricky part with the show or competition. They also have to use four words to the song that the date has chosen for them. The date cannot see them so he/she will only choose from the music, and not the looks. This is a great and very original show. It's inspiring for me, who plays the guitar and wants to start writing songs, and I'm sure that the show inspires other musicians too.moreless
  • Ryan rocks my socks!

    I admit when I first heard about "Score" I was skeptical. I am a huge fan of Ryan but all I kept thinking was "Oh great, another dating show." But, after I saw the first episode I was hooked. I love the whole concept. I wish two guys would write a song about me. The show isn't about looks since you don't get to see who you picked until after you make your decision. Not to mention you get a free Ryan performance at the end of each episode. I wish the second season would start already. I love Score!moreless
  • Ryan & his band help two songwriters/singers create songs to perform for a "dream date." Awesome show!

    The show should be HUGE! RyanCabrera uses his songwriting talent & his humor isn`t LOL but it`s hot. His band is just the best. Jordan Plosky & Josh Drew all the way! The show is sort of like a dating show, but the hornyness is so much more subtle, if any.
  • Music competition better than American Idol!

    This show is much better than any other music competition show because you compete for singing talent and if you're good enough for your hot date then you'll get them. I can't wait for the second season to come so we can see more great music and more great dates.

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