Scorned: Love Kills - Season 1

Saturday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 21, 2012 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Master of Seduction
    Episode 20
    When she relocates to Florida in 2007, Tausha Fields is hiding from a sordid past. She is at the center of a tumultuous love triangle in Missouri which ended in the disappearance of her husband Mitchell Wayne Kemp.
  • Sub-Prime Murders
    Episode 19
    When a successful mortgage broker enters rehab, his wife starts having an affair and later asks for a divorce. On a vacation with their two boys, the wife is found drowned in a foot of water. An accident, or a scorned husband driven to murder?
  • Wigs and a Gun
    Episode 18
    Piper Rountree, a sassy Texas gal, is bored and having an affair in conservative Virginia. When she and her husband Fred divorce and he wins custody of their children, will Piper mastermind a diabolical plan to kill her ex and get her kids back?
  • In The Closet
    Episode 17
    Martha Freeman hides her young lover in a spare bedroom closet in the home she shares with her husband. When Jeff Freeman discovers him one night in April 2005, it results in a fatal confrontation.
  • Crazy For You
    Episode 16
    Oil tycoon, Jimmy Joste is obsessed with former rodeo queen Rhonda Glover. Despite her infidelity, he lavishes her with riches and she blows his mind with erotic sexual encounters until their tumultuous life of excess leads them to destruction.
  • Sneaking Suspicion
    Episode 15
    Football star David Temple has an illicit affair with his co-worker behind his pregnant wife's back.
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    High school coach, Russ Stager is happily married to his loving, church-going wife Barbara until he discovers her obsessive lies and torrid affair. Determined to make the marriage work, Russ forgives her which proves to be a very deadly mistake.
  • 0.0
    In November of 2001, a successful advertising executive is murdered in his Oklahoma City garage. There are no suspects, until his wife and children don't show up at his funeral, and a tangle of illicit affairs and murderous plotting is revealed.
  • Hot and Sweet
    Episode 12
    Schoolteacher Keyon is involved in a love triangle with his pregnant fiancé Avis and the sexy, new English teacher Carla. When one of the three is found brutally murdered, the affair is exposed and the hunt for the killer begins.
  • A Fatal Affair
    Episode 11
    On Valentine's Day 2010 in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, 28-year-old Chad Dunn stabs his 27-year-old estranged wife, Shelley Dunn, after he finds out that she is seeing another man.
  • House of Deception
    Episode 10
    Wealthy home builder, Larry and his client, Rozanne are involved in a passionate extramarital affair. When the relationship is exposed, the jealousy and greed that follow lead to a brutal murder and an international search for a very unlikely killer.
  • 0.0
    In December of 1998 in the upscale village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Mark Jensen poisons his 40-year-old wife Julie with antifreeze and proceeds to marry his mistress, Kelly.
  • The Au Pair Affair
    Episode 8
    In winter of 2007 Stephen Grant reports his wife Tara has gone missing after an argument. For weeks Grant plays the distraught husband to the media, but after a shocking discovery, revelations surface of an illicit affair and a bone chilling murder.
  • Judgment Day
    Episode 7
    In August 1999 Michael Fletcher calls 911 after discovering his pregnant wife Leann lying dead on the bedroom floor, the apparent victim of a tragic accidental shooting. But investigators unearth a series of affairs and ultimately an insidious murder.
  • 2/25/12
    When Jay Orbin's torso is discovered in the desert cops conclude he's been shot before being frozen and dismembered. Questioning his glamorous wife, Marjorie, reveals a string of affairs and a tale of greed and lust that ends with cold blooded murder.
  • Afternoon Delight
    Episode 5
    A conservative couple in Arizona has the family of their dreams, but things unravel when the wife is discovered brutally murdered in their home The investigation uncovers a lust-fuelled affair, a cold-blooded murder and someone isn't who they seem.
  • Hot for Teacher
    Episode 4
    The seductive highschool teacher befriends a group of her students. It isn't long before she develops a romance with a 15 year old student. Luring him further with false allegations of abuse at the hands of her husband, a sinister plot emerges.
  • 2/4/12
    A bored housewife gets a job as a stripper and begins a sultry double life. While her husband is working she brings home acquaintances from her new job for sexual escapades. When one of her flings turns more serious, a sinister plan emerges.
  • Never Enough
    Episode 2
    A successful attorney lay dead in her bathtub, victim of an apparent drowning. Even her family assumed it was an accident - but an 11th hour autopsy revealed a far darker truth. Even more shocking was the killer.
  • 1/21/12
    An Army Major lay lifeless in his bed, shot twice at close range while sleeping next to his wife. Investigators would soon uncover an intricately planned murder plot involving sex parties, adultery and coercion.