Scorned: Love Kills - Season 2

Saturday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 21, 2012 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Love is the Drug
    Episode 20
    Regina Hartwell falls hard for her heterosexual friend Kim. They start taking ecstacy together, which sparks a steamy lesbian affair. But when Kim dumps Regina and starts dating drug dealer Justin, Regina's jealousy threatens to destroy them all.
  • Shadow Stalker
    Episode 19
    Well-heeled beauty, Linda is being stalked by her former husband, local celebrity dog trainer, Mark. She seeks advice from security expert, Michiel. But a budding romance with her new guardian leads them all down a very dangerous and terrifying path.
  • Love thy Rabbi
    Episode 18
    Despite his 30 year marriage, egocentric Rabbi Fred Neulander is involved in multiple affairs with various women in his congregation. For years he manages to keep his clandestine trysts secret until one of the women in his life is brutally murdered.
  • Black Widower
    Episode 17
    Drew Peterson and his wife Kathleen appear to be a happy couple, but ten years into their marriage, things begin to sour. And when Kathleen finds out Drew is having a steamy affair with a 17-year old, a brutal fight breaks out, and ends with murder.
  • Fatal Fantasy
    Episode 16
    Bart Corbin and his wife Jenn appeared to be living the dream, but financial and marital problems were tearing them apart. Bart's affair with his office manager, Tara, drives Jenn to seek love online and it will have disastrous consequences for all.
  • 5/4/13
    All-American couple Anne and Bill Stout are struggling to recover from an affair Bill had with his high school sweetheart, Barbara. But the mistress begins stalking Bill via email until her desperation leads to a bloody revenge.
  • Bring on the Heat
    Episode 14
    A handsome rookie cop betrays his college sweetheart pursuing a steamy affair with a seductive co-worker. When he finds she's pregnant he tries to clean up the mess but a perfect storm of passion, obsession and deceit has already been set in motion.
  • Deadly Attractions
    Episode 13
    Sean Burton and his wife Theresa are an attractive couple with a passionate sex life, but their union is plagued by infidelity. Theresa takes up with a coworker who offers what she's looking for, but the affair is doomed to leave her with nothing.
  • Addicted to Sex
    Episode 12
    Karen Newell is in a heated affair with a teenage boy named PJ Giffen. Her husband, Jon remains in the dark even though his wife's lover is living in his own house. It doesn't take long before the risky affair takes them down a path of destruction.
  • Killer Beauty
    Episode 11
    Blonde beauty Cynthia George is in a lustful extramarital affair with charming entrepreneur, Jeff Zack. When his obsession sends her into the arms of another man, a volatile mix of jealousy and rage soon erupt in a shocking act of violence.
  • Deadly Threesome
    Episode 10
    Iowa couple Tonch and Mandy's swinging lifestyle keeps marriage exciting. When lesbian Amy becomes their full-time lover, they think they've found the perfect threesome ...until Mandy and Amy fall in love, and try to cut Tonch out of the equation.
  • 3/23/13
    Dionne Baugh begins a steamy affair with millionaire Lance Herndon behind her husband's back. Unknown to Dionne, Lance sees other women, underestimating the intensity of her feelings. Their lust triggers a deadly spiral towards jealousy and murder.
  • Love You to Death
    Episode 8
    Sarah Rodriguez was looking to have a little fun before settling down with her longtime boyfriend, Matt Corbett. When she meets Richard Namey through a dating site, she's immediately attracted and starts a passionate affair that will end in tragedy.
  • Devil Inside
    Episode 7
    Christopher Coleman, a devoutly religious bodyguard, sheds the pious life he has always known to embark on an illicit affair with his wife's friend from high school. His wife Sheri tries to save her marriage - a fight ending in very tragic results.
  • 3/9/13
    The young and wild Monique Wallace is married to 40-year-old Paul Berkley, a navy reservist and father of two in suburban North Carolina. But with Paul leaving on a mission overseas, temptation and lust will lead them all down a dark path to murder.
  • 2/23/13
    Michelle Hetzel and Devon Guzman, are carrying on an intense affair, despite Michelle's marriage to 25 year old Brandon Bloss. But when Devon threatens to leave Michelle for her old girlfriend Keary, how far will Michelle go to keep Devon to herself?
  • Slave to Love
    Episode 4
    Richard McAnulty begins an ongoing adulterous affair with an older widow named Doris, while his wife of decades Diane becomes involved in a much more scandalous relationship with another man. When the affairs are exposed, the consequence is deadly.
  • Mortal Sin
    Episode 3
    Steven Randolph is juggling two women, college classes and an eviction notice. His prayers are answered when he moves in with a fatherly minister. But when one of his lovers is killed, everyone in Steven's life becomes a suspect,especially Steven himself.
  • 2/2/13
    Pool hall owner, Kosta Fotopoulos is in a heated affair with his cocktail waitress, Deidre Hunt. Despite promising his wife Lisa he would end things, he is addicted Deidre's sexual wiles and the affair takes them down a path of destruction.
  • Deadly Game
    Episode 1
    Bored with husband Paul Christos, brilliant scientist Sheila Davalloo begins a torrid affair with her co-worker Nelson Sessler. But when colleague Anna Lisa Raymundo catches Nelson's eye, office romance morphs into sexual jealousy and deadly revenge.
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