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AIRED ON 1/19/2015

Season 1 : Episode 15

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Inspired by a true story, Scorpion centers around eccentric Walter O'Brien and his team of virtuoso misfits. Scorpion is Homeland Security's new think tank consisting of Walter, behaviorist Toby Curtis, mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn and stats expert Sylvester Dodd. Federal Agent Cabe Gallo pooled this group together to use their technological expertise to solve  unimaginable dilemmas. To help them deal with the "real" world and the people in it is Paige Dineen, mother of a gifted son. Executive producers include Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Nick Santora, Nicholas Wootton, Justin Lin, Heather Kadin, Scooter Braun and Walter O’Brien. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios.

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  • Struggling to watch this..

    I do not mind suspending reality here and there.. but this show is getting stupid. In the latest show, you have a nuclear base being hacked and no other agencies are involved. The 5 turn up to find the guy with the 'football'. No FBI, no Swat no one.. in the previous episode there were no police outside the hotel room to arrest the foreign agent.

    It just gone beyond that line where it goes from slightly unbelievable but enjoyable to watch, to stupid and not entertaining.moreless
  • real v. TV

    Most of the complaints about this show seem to come from folks who can't get over the fact that the show is TV and not I understand. To enjoy this show you have look past it. Sorta like in a war movie where the hero never has to reload his rifle, It''s TBBT meets NCIS and neither of those shows are real life either. and neither is How to Get Away With Murder, Modern Family, Good Wife etc etc and most movies also require suspending belief. If you can't...... The show has its weak points in acting writing etc. but if you were tuning in for real tech please, this ismoreless
  • Ridiculous concept executed

    the most stupid show ever. The concept itself could have been much better had they used the group as a bunch of people with high IQ, instead of using the word "genius" as something alien.

    Further, the 2 lead cast (walter obrian and Happy Quinn) simply don't know how to act. I simply don't understand how can people watch Happy Quinn acting and dialogue delivery???????

    I still watch the show sometimes in fast forward because of the story when i have nothing else to watchmoreless
  • Everyone are stupid in the show

    The show is not entertaining, the scripts are stupid. I am so surprise someone gave a 10 to this show
  • How Can Somebody Watch This ?

    This was the question that haunted me even throughout episode ONE.

    How can people watch this trash ?

    If i were your average Joe, having at least 4 years of education under my belt, i would frown upon the fantasy of the story !

    Hacking things under pressure in mere seconds that transpire in this show would fascinate even The god of computers, God of computed bits, He-Who-Calculates-and-delivers-our-daily-porn, The almighty IntelAmdProcessor ! Having that Bigger-than-average guy making those complex math equations in miliseconds, calculating probabilities WITHOUT every effing variable ? Come on man !

    I skipped everything after the second episode("second episode ?" you ask me; well, i`m a good guy and i believe in second chances BUT boy i was disappointed).

    I watched one episode where the Bigger-than-average guy gets blown up. God god god oH MY GOd !!!

    That poor acting, those false emotions, those tears made of nothingness, that anger-smashing objects like that fire extinguisher, all of them killed 50% of my neurons !! i swear, after watching (between skips) the episode, i felt as stupid as a lobotomized rabbit.

    For your own good, skip this show ! If you don't believe me ... eff you ! Watch it and you are going to die with a vast portion of your grey matter missing in action.moreless

    CBS Renews Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, and Madam Secretary for Season 2

    The nerd squad, beignet-eating Navy investigators, and an ass-kicking and name-taking politician will all be back in the fall.


    CBS Orders Full Seasons of Stalker, Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, and Madam Secretary

    All four of the network's freshman dramas will live to see the spring.

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