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Season 1 : Episode 6

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Inspired by a true story, Scorpion centers around eccentric Walter O'Brien and his team of virtuoso misfits. Scorpion is Homeland Security's new think tank consisting of Walter, behaviorist Toby Curtis, mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn and stats expert Sylvester Dodd. Federal Agent Cabe Gallo pooled this group together to use their technological expertise to solve  unimaginable dilemmas. To help them deal with the "real" world and the people in it is Paige Dineen, mother of a gifted son. Executive producers include Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Nick Santora, Nicholas Wootton, Justin Lin, Heather Kadin, Scooter Braun and Walter O’Brien. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios.

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  • Silly, Silly & Silly !!!

    Geniuses Ha .... at least make us try to believe.

    I could believe that a Co-Pilot would stroll down the landing gear of jet and dangle an RG8 cable to a speeding Ferrari and hook it to a laptop ... but I would never believe that you can pull a 6 pounds by a cable plugged into a USB adapter.

    How stupid do you think the viewers are?

    Better, is activating a human virus with a computer virus.

    aaaahhhhh - who are you kiddingmoreless
  • For A Show About Geniuses, It's Pretty Stupid

    I really like the premise and I had high hopes for this show but it's just not working. The geniuses spend most of their time preening and explaining themselves to the "normals". That's usually like 80% of the plot and it gets really tedious after a while. Another thing that's tedious is how the writers feel the need to hit us over the head with the fact that these guys are geniuses like every 5 mins. I can't help but do an eyeroll whenever they mention Walter or some other genius's IQ. Okay, it's a show about geniuses. WE GET IT. Katherine McPhee's character could be really interesting but right now she's just there to be pretty. She and the lead guy (Walter) have below zero chemistry. Another major problem is that Walter is super annoying. I don't know if it's the actor or the way the character is written but the bottomline is, Walter is hard to like and care about. Cabe, on the other hand, is extremely likable but he's another under-utilized character. It seems like his only purpose is to waste the geniuses' time by having them explain everything to him instead of just letting them do what they're supposed to do (which is usally time-sensitive). All that being said, I'll still watch (I know, I know) in the hopes that the show's producers/writers can get it together by the time season one ends. This could be a really good show. It has a lot of big problems though and they don't seem to be easy-to-fix ones.moreless
  • The lead character is the problem with the show he has only

    A few facial expressions... and they are all the same... his dark hair and looks may have got him the job but his acting is only good for the last century or the crusades dark stories... he ruins the plot every time.. I happen to like the show all other characters are keeping the segments interesting... but him..

    If you want this show to be carried to another season.. have him killed by his own so called genius skills.... and the rest will carry the show.... I enjoy the script but he makes it all unbelievable and for a good reason.. he is no character actor.. one dimensional facial features... total of five or six... get rid or him.. and I believe the show will do fine and moreover good buzz to bring back viewers.. and get new ones...... but what do I know ... all sad..... and no funeral... he is evaporated...... dust... vaporized..... One of the cast get killed and use teasers plus two weeks prior leak to the media in advance of teasers that someone in the cast dies..... then you will get to the second season....moreless
  • Terrible

    This as got be be the worst show I have ever seen. Totally unbelievable to anyone with at least a few brain cells, never mind an IQ of 197. If I could give this a minus rating I would.

    I can't believe CBS made this junk.

    I can only think that the tagline "Inspired by a true story" was accurate up to point he was caught hacking as a child in Ireland. I wanted to like this but it has too many holes in the plot.moreless
  • Just TV People!!!

    Yeesh! This is just a television show! There are holes in every plot for TV and Film. This is because the real procedures would be far too long and boring to keep anyone in their seats. Everyone keeps saying they don't know why the plane did not land in the Pilot. The plane didn't land because the runway was too short. This was explained before the whole Ferrari scene. Yes that was quite a stretch but again, it was just to entertain the viewer.

    If you are looking for fact then go watch a biography or a How its Made on the Discovery Channel.moreless

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