Scott & Bailey - Season 1

ITV (ended 2016)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 6
    The syndicate investigates the fatal shooting of a young boy. Janet interviews the only witness. Rachel is almost hit by a car, then uncovers a connection between the crash and Nick's affair with a juror. Rachel's career and Janet's marriage hang in the balance.
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 5
    A body has been discovered on a building site, but there are no leads to the murderer. However, Rachel notes some similarities with the cold cases that Janet has been reviewing as part of her investigation into the Hastings case. Rachel discovers that Nick had an affair with a juror during a trial.moreless
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 4
    The detectives arrest a woman on supicion of the gruesome murder of her husband. Rachel and Janet investigate the couple's involvement in home-made pornography. Gill worries that Rachel's relationship with Nick might have endangered a case. Janet's affair with DS Andy Roper is uncovered.
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 3
    Gill is determined to pin additional rape charges on Georgios Stelikos, already in the docks for murder, but everyone else thinks she's crazy - as rape charges are the hardest to prove in a court of law. Rachel and Janet are asked to give evidence, and when they go to court Rachel discovers that her ex, Nick Savage, is the defending barrister.moreless
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 2
    A mother is brutally raped and left to bleed to death in the boot of her car. Rachel identifies a suspect during house-to-house investigations. Rachel tells Nick that that she is pregnant, then agonises over whether to have an abortion. DCI Gill Murray agrees to allow Janet to work on the Veronica Hastings murder, and puts her in touch with the original SIO.moreless
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 1
    DCs Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott investigate the death of a young wife who is found dead in her home, with no evidence of a break-in. Rachel is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Nick, then discovers that he is married with children. Lesley agrees to reopen an investigation into the abduction and murder of her old schoolfriend.moreless