Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant

VH1 (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • End of An Era
      Episode 9
      Having fired the wedding planner, Scott needs help to prepare for a wedding in one week. He asks Johnny to make the centerpieces, and Johnny agrees in exchange for Renee setting him up with a date for the ceremony. The big question is: Can Scott overcome his cold feet?
    • 3/9/08
      Scott decides to become more responsible, singing Bailey to sleep and helping Renee with wedding invitations---but soon it seems he's in charge of the entire wedding. Elsewhere, Scott auditions for a voice role in an animated project, but Johnny arrives and causes a scene, which may hurt Scott's chances of landing the role.moreless
    • Go Daddy-O
      Episode 7
      Scott returns to his daddies-to-be class. After getting advice to lighten up, Scott and his friends throw a party at the California Motor Speedway.
    • Manny vs. Nanny
      Episode 6
      Renee hires a nanny to help take care of baby Bailey and teach Scott some lessons about child rearing. At first, Scott tries to adhere to the nanny's orders, but her strict edicts soon begin to wear on his nerves.
    • 2/17/08
      An anxiety-ridden Scott quits his daddies-to-be class and calls Doc Ali, his former life coach, for advice. After calming down and helping Johnnie V. reconnect with his stepdaughter, Scott goes with Renee to a birthing class, where she begins to go into labor.
    • Man Shower
      Episode 4
      Scott worries about his finances when he begins budgeting for a child in the midst of planning his wedding. Meanwhile, Johnny V arranges to have Scott's "Man Shower" in Las Vegas.
    • Brooklyn
      Episode 3
      Scott travels to Brooklyn to revisit his roots. While there, his old pals dispense both helpful and not-so-helpful parenting advice. Later, Scott meets with a nun and discloses his feelings about not being able to discuss fatherhood with his dad.
    • Pressure Cooker
      Episode 2
      Scott and Renee start moving into their new house. When Renee starts barking orders at Scott, he begins to feel some apprehension about the whole sha-bang; Living with Renee, having the daughter, losing his freedoms.
    • 9 Months to Live
      Episode 1
      Having just learned at the end of season one that his longtime girlfriend, Renee, was pregnant, Scott calls his entourage, Steve Cuccio, Jason Hervey, and Johnny V, for a late night meeting at Braemar Country Club where he confesses that his life is over as well as his uncertainties about becoming a father. The boys try their best to cheer him up, but in the end Scott's old life coach, Doc Ali, once again saves the day by setting him up with a Daddy's 2 B Class to help him deal with his worries.moreless
  • Season 1