Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • I didn't think I'd watch more than the premier episode, but now it's near the end of the second season and I'm still tuning in.

    I've never been to big of a fan of reality shows, but I've always liked the sitcoms Scott Baio was in. I figured I'd tune in for the first episode just to check it out, but by the end of the episode I couldn't wait for the next. Something about this show is addicting. It was interesting watching Scott transform from a player to a dad, it was so sweet watching he and wife-to-be Renee welcome their daughter, Bailey, into the world. The show is a great mix, I never find myself bored while watching. It is always fun to watch.
  • Opinion on how Scott sees women and his personal commitment level.

    I have a friend who reminds me of Scotts mindset, although he has tried marrige twice and failed. Scott seems more fixed on the sex issue than anything. Every question and action is centered around womens bodies, and their sexual availability. He needs to look at women in a different way, maybe try to date someone outside is physical expectation, and maybe see what other qualities they have. There are many couples who are committed to each other, mentally but who still enjoy the physical experiences with other people either together, or seperately. Maybe he needs someone like that.
  • Yes, it's another reality show with a has-been actor. But I have to admit, it seems like Scott Baio is serious about cleaning up his act and settling down. I'm hoping the best for him.

    I'm beginning to think that I might be a little bit of a reality TV junkie. However, it's important to me when watching a reality show that the ultimate payoff is a positive one. Most reality shows focus on back-stabbing the person next to you. I really don't like those kinds of shows. Scott Baio Is 45 And Single doesn't seem to be that kind of reality show.

    I can't say that I was ever a fan of anything Scott Baio was in. I grew up with Happy Days reruns (the show originally aired in 74, I was born in 73), Joanie loves Chachi and Charles in Charge. But those shows weren't particularly influential.

    Scott Baio Is 45 And Single, on the other hand, is an interesting look into the life of someone who has never had to work very hard to get the girl. Yet, he realizes that there's a lot more to life than "chasing tail". So, this show seems to document a sincere effort to clean up his act and become marriage material.

    So far, it seems like Scott Baio is making all the right moves toward that goal with the help of a tough, smart life coach.

    So I'm rooting for Scott Baio at this point. Hopefully, he'll come to his senses and realize that his "best buddy" Johnny Venokur is one of the biggest influences that is holding him back.

    I'll be tuning in for more...
  • I watch every week. I can't wait to see what happens at the end of the last episode. I hope that Scott gets over his fear of commitment and lets love into his life. I love the show. Scott is being very real about life and that isn't always easy to do.

    I am very annoyed by his selfish "friend" who doesn't want Scott to settle down. He would rather Scott never let love into his life just so that he can be his party ticket forever. I recently dumped a friend like that because going out and never getting serious about life just gets old. I have been dating a guy for three years. He has a huge fear of commitment like Scott does. My guy has a teenage daughter and was married for a short time though. The commitment fear is the same and the fear of losing someone that is so good and being alone 10 years from now is the same too. Many people have these issues. My guy is 47 and we are seperated right now because we got to the point where we either need a commitment of 100% or just part ways. In closing I would just like to say that Scott seems to be a really nice guy. He is being very real about life and I can't wait to see how this works out. I hope that he makes the right decision and commits to this woman that loves him. I would have the utmost respect for him. My name is Joan and my friend is Italian. On more than one occasion I have heard the not so original expression about us "Joannie loves Chachi!". No not Scott Baio. (I have also heard Joan of arc, Joan Jet etc expressions also) Sincerely,
    Joan from RI
  • I understand the guy has "issues" he wants to resolve, but why make it into a show?

    It's not "yet another show about a celebrity looking for love", because this guy has been in love, but he has issues and such. And so, this show is basically him trying to figure out WHY he's had bad luck with women in the past, it's more of a self-discovery process tv watchers can somehow relate to. The tasks he has been put on, and the things he's had to think about we can do for ourselves, and wonder things about our lives as well. What i don't get, however, is why it was made into a show. Such a personal experience can only be shared with a certain amount of people.
  • Laugh at Scott Baio as he hunts down the right woman to settle down while exposing his arrogant, selfish, celebrity ways and serving as the butt of a joke for his own program.

    Yes a program made to make you laugh at Scott Baio!!!! My dream has come true. Whether this thing is scripted or not for me it doesn't matter, the important thing here is that you get to laugh at Scott Baio for a half hour!!!! Baio has always gotten a bad rap for being a bad boy, a selfish sob, a piece of crap but after watching this and looking at Baio's attitude following his "Happy Days" run you can see that much of has been at the hands of his doing.

    I can't believe this is the same idiot that once dated Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear or Erika Eleniak then again these women had taudry reputations of their own.

    Anyways, back to Baio, he comes as smug, a spoiled brat, another typical celebrity who takes for granted his spotlight in the entertainment and all the benefits it's given him. Thus a show like this which serves as a joke to somebody who has been a considered a joke for a long, long time is music to my ears.

    We see him ignore the advice of his life coach, ignore the advice of longtime friend and Happy Days co-star Erin Moran, cry on the phone to fellow co-star Henry Winkler about his love life, see him agitated and rude as he sees an autograph session for him to be more of a chore than a priviledge.

    Well scripted or not, this show will not only reiterate what people think of this lowlife and since this show does deliver on the laugh factor I'll probably keep on watching it till the end.
  • Yet another washed up has been celebrity looking for love.

    Baio will be forever known as Chachi of the classic "Happy Days" and the abysmally bad "Joanie Loves Chachi".

    Whats happened to Chachi (he hates when people call him that - LOL!) in the last 20+ years? Hes turned into a guy who hates people and cant commit to once woman - a typically self absorbed child star with mental problems. Hes not as bad as Dustin Diamond or the completely nuts Danny Bonaduce. But that actually makes the show duller than anything Dustin or Danny are involved in.

    Seeing Erin Moran was a jarring experience. While Scott still looks good, poor Erin looks like she is 20 years old than Scott is. Time hasnt treated Joanie well. The most icky moment was Scott describing how the first time he had sex was with Erin Moran and started by screwing the couch instead of her, until, as Scott put it, finally "found the mark". Ewwwww. If he has done this today, the couch would end up on Ebay.

    Basically Scott needs an army of shrinks to straighten him up before he ends up doing a show featuring rejects from "Rock of Love".
  • VH-1 cameras follow another has-been celebrity throughout their daily life.

    Honestly, this is the most scripted piece of garbage I've ever seen in my life and I watch a lot of crap TV. I know that most "reality" shows are scripted to one extent or another but this one takes the cake and Scott Baio does not enough charisma to pull it off. The stupidest/most obvious moment was when is manager takes him into another office to evade the cameras but neglects to take his mic off or close the damn blinds. I guess that was meant to illustrate the point that Scott is really committed to this challenge and if ("when") it fails he can always say nobobdy warned him it could hurt his "career" until after he was already into it. Bleh. His narration sounds remedial- they should have given that job to somebody else. His best friend is annoying as all hell to watch. I'm sure he was meant to be the comic relief but, eh no. There's so much wrong with this show but I'll end it here.
  • Scott Baio brings whiny self important celebrities to a whole other level.

    According to Warhol, we all get our 15 minutes of fame, right? So here's Scott Baio, attractive, can get any woman he wants, basically lives off of the fat of Happy Days, and here he is contemplating his life at 45, wondering if he'll die alone. Can't say I feel bad for the man, he's lived a well to do life, sleeping with and picking woman out of Playboy magazine like he's shopping in the Sears catalog. Yet, the show was strangely amusing to watch. Obviouslly it'll end with him proposing to his woman, but seeing his journey and going along with Scott as he endeavors to dredge up several washed up celebrities of the past as he tries to work up the courage to ask his blonde mannaquin of a girlfriend to marry him, is a show I'll watch, but deny it when asked.
  • A trainwreck of a reality show that must've been turned down by SO many networks before VH1 was most likely PAID to air it. Ugh.

    Ok, yet another sign that this planet is ready to self-destruct ... VH1 has a new reality series called "Scott Baio is 45 and is still Single". The former Happy Days second-tier star is supposedly living out his relationship indecisions for our entertainment. I watched the first 1hr episode and I'm just floored by this self-indulgent tripe (I just threw up a little bit). How do these projects get green-lit ?! What demographic analysis was done that showed there'd be any interest in the romantic wreck of a washed up second-rate tv series star from the mid 70s ?! VH1 and MTV just need to go back to playing music videos 24x7. If they played non-stop video hits from the 70s/80s/90s they would have a following they wouldn't be able to manage.
  • Chachi does what?! This is a guilty masterpiece and I'll be watching the next 7 episodes.

    Scott Baio has bedded so many starlets, models and playmates but can't seen to keep them. Hey, I don't even think he's very happy! This first episode is just a true piece of work. Who doesn't love to watch our favorite childhood celebrities and how their lives are now as adults? In the first show, he choses his life coach, meets up with a few of his old flames and has to discuss with them what went wrong and what went right in their relationship. We also meet Renee, the current flame in Baio's candle. Most of his friends he's had for over 15 years and as loyal as they are, one of them is a total destructive influence. Baio himself seems sincere about this personal journey and has some good one liners peppered throughout. He seems as if he's being honest about his feelings- about Renee, about the process and his past mistakes. There are a total of eight weeks where Baio meets with his life coach and together they attempt to fix his life, his commitment issues and anything else they come up with along the way. I'll be watching, yes, I'll be there routing Baio along. Maybe at the end of this, he'll get the girl and live happily ever after.