Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • VH-1 cameras follow another has-been celebrity throughout their daily life.

    Honestly, this is the most scripted piece of garbage I've ever seen in my life and I watch a lot of crap TV. I know that most "reality" shows are scripted to one extent or another but this one takes the cake and Scott Baio does not enough charisma to pull it off. The stupidest/most obvious moment was when is manager takes him into another office to evade the cameras but neglects to take his mic off or close the damn blinds. I guess that was meant to illustrate the point that Scott is really committed to this challenge and if ("when") it fails he can always say nobobdy warned him it could hurt his "career" until after he was already into it. Bleh. His narration sounds remedial- they should have given that job to somebody else. His best friend is annoying as all hell to watch. I'm sure he was meant to be the comic relief but, eh no. There's so much wrong with this show but I'll end it here.
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