Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Laugh at Scott Baio as he hunts down the right woman to settle down while exposing his arrogant, selfish, celebrity ways and serving as the butt of a joke for his own program.

    Yes a program made to make you laugh at Scott Baio!!!! My dream has come true. Whether this thing is scripted or not for me it doesn't matter, the important thing here is that you get to laugh at Scott Baio for a half hour!!!! Baio has always gotten a bad rap for being a bad boy, a selfish sob, a piece of crap but after watching this and looking at Baio's attitude following his "Happy Days" run you can see that much of has been at the hands of his doing.

    I can't believe this is the same idiot that once dated Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear or Erika Eleniak then again these women had taudry reputations of their own.

    Anyways, back to Baio, he comes as smug, a spoiled brat, another typical celebrity who takes for granted his spotlight in the entertainment and all the benefits it's given him. Thus a show like this which serves as a joke to somebody who has been a considered a joke for a long, long time is music to my ears.

    We see him ignore the advice of his life coach, ignore the advice of longtime friend and Happy Days co-star Erin Moran, cry on the phone to fellow co-star Henry Winkler about his love life, see him agitated and rude as he sees an autograph session for him to be more of a chore than a priviledge.

    Well scripted or not, this show will not only reiterate what people think of this lowlife and since this show does deliver on the laugh factor I'll probably keep on watching it till the end.
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