Season 1 Episode 2

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2010 on ABC

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  • Toilet paper...really?

    This was almost painful to watch it was so dull and contrived. Cheryl's character was unbearably annoying in this episode and the took the premise of her trying to help her coworkers from a creepy manager to a ridiculous toilet paper heist and some truly incompetent police works. Something I don't get is that Palm Springs is a pretty big place (at least that's what I think) and how does a Sergeant have time to waste on such petty vendetta's against a family. The initial "riot" was corny, the strike was unrealistic and the random connection of the coworker to Oscar was a stretch, the plot of this ep was just horrible. The "twist" at the end wasn't really shocking just a wtf moment because how could Wolf be stupid enough to think that it would help.
    The subplots with the kids in this episode were slightly better, but not by much. Logan and his new found relationship brought some much needed humor, Cal's affair however is such a played out theme. If anything he should be with the daughter, not the cheating wife. Hope was just flat out unlikeable in this episode as she covered her jealously over a boy with drawn out career aspirations. And Heather being "discovered" at the end was another unbelievable moment in a pretty crappy hour of TV.
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