Season 1 Episode 4

Amy & Jillian

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2011 on E!

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  • Shocked!

    I just wanted to comment on what I thought was an absoloutely shocking and unfair decision made by the NY Modelling Agency that whisked those twins off to test shoot and then dropped them last second because of a height issue ( they knew their heights before bringing them to NY)! As a model myself I know how tough the industry can be but I really thought the Agency treated these girls very badly. They are such young striking and talented girls and I think they both rocked their first shoot, who do these ugly idiots think they are anyway to take away young girls dreams like that? Kate Moss is only 5ft 8inchs herself and she has probably made more money than anyone else in the industry. I say those twins need to go back to New York and find themselves a decent agency that will push them in the right direction! Dont give up Girls.! That agency was MAD not to take you!