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  • kvhvjvg

  • please come to nigeria

    hello,my name is tracy okobi,form nigeria 20years of age,i live in ghana/nigeria,i have a dream of becoming a model because thats the only way i can express myself,i think modeling is not all about wearing cloths on the run way,there is more to to it,culture,creativity,charity and more,would love to be scouted if that will be possible for a nigerian girl with no hope of been a successful but wants to be a successful moodel.
  • Dream Come True

    Good day, My name is Anastasia Belikova I'm 20 years old. I'm originally from Moscow, Russia but I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. I do have modeling experience but there always space to learn something new form people who know the industry and live in it. I strongly believe that to be a model and to be successful one doesn't need to have height to be a model. I wish I could be given a chance to show that to the world that shorties can model too. Thank you. Best wishes Anastasia B
  • I dream about this :(

    Hey am Joanna and i am from Mac am 17year old I have always dream of being that model . I have some photographing. I love fashion and i want to be a model.:)
  • Hey hey

    Hey am Belinda nchang I live in Belgium am 18year old I have always dream of being that model in life. Some times I sit and start posting wonderful styls I know I have the talent of moddelen even in my dreams I see my self posting I need help from you guys can't wait xoxo 9
  • Oww I Love this Program

    I would like be part of one of them :3' Bye Bye
  • Hi scouted,ever thought of coming to africa?

    Hi,my name is jc and i am from nigeria.i've got a friend whom i'd love to be scouted,her name is amaka and she's 17 year ld.she's got the looks,the body and modelling is everything she ever wanted to do.i know she's got great potential and given the oppurtunity she wil do great. Scouted pls come to africa, there are a lot of treasure waiting to be found and refined. Thanks
  • Bam bam scout me plz :)

    Scout me :) plz ....
  • Coming from Valdosta GA!

    My name is Karrie Day, I'm a southern belle and ready to show Scouted how us country girls can shine with our wonderful personalities and amazing looks! I'm ready when yall are!!
  • I wanna be model

    Hey, I am Petra and am of Madeira the my dream I am to be model already since of very small, I will be that they can become my dream reality? He was thankful that they answered .


  • Scout my Beautiful Daughter

    My daughter is a Kim Kerdashian look alike just better, being tall and absolutely beautiful. She's done cat walk and is stunning. We can send you photo's if you're interesting. She is 15. I'm her mother and I was a model in my country so I know when I see talent and beauty.
  • Scout my daughter

    We will be in NYC for my daughters sweet 16 very soon, please take a chance. It will be worth it, thanks
  • I want to be scouted

    I have been told I should be a model many times throughout my life, and when I watched this show I thought it could be possible for a normal girl like

    Me to become a model and make my dream come true. I would love to be scouted.I am from Conneticut, please scout me
  • SCOUT ME!!!

    My name is Ashly, I'm 18 and I'm from Wills Point, Texas. I've always wanted to be a model since I was little but I never thought I could do it since I'm only 5"1. But it's still a big passion for me and I'd love to be able to be scouted. I've always been told I should be one because I have high cheek bones and I just have that heart shaped face and I never wear make up. I would absolutely love to be scouted!!! I'd be a dream come true.
  • Not me but my friend

    Hi. My name is Natalie. I don't want to be scouted but I want my friend Alexis to be. She is a dancer and has long legs. My friends and I realized she should be scouted because this past week we had a fashion/dance show at our school and she looked amazing as usual, but when she got out from back of the stage she looked gorgeous and what i mean by that she was stunning. We live in Fort Myers, Florida and it would be great if you came down and gave her a chance.
  • SCOUT ME ;-)

    Hello ! My name is Monalisa Alesana. I'm seventeen years of age and I live in Auckland New Zealand. I'm Samoan female and I'm currently in college finishing my last year in college. I am a girl who's always wanted to become a model ;) I've always had a passion for modelling ever since I was a child. I'd always use to take pictures of myself pretending to be a model like I've always wanted to be in my entire life. Up until now I still take pictures of myself hoping that one day I'll get signed by someone famous or at least model for some kind of fashion show. A while ago, I actually got a shot to do modelling for a modelling agency in New Zealand called "Talent Scouted" but wasn't able to do so due to some errands. At the time I was very busy with school stuff and I was also taking a fitness course for church that was needed to be completed in order for me to become a fitness constructor and therefore I wasn't able to take this opportunity. I am a very had working person and I am ready to take on any challenges you have for me. I am ready to give it all my best with the best of my ability. I personally think I got what it takes to become a model. And if I do succeed it'll be a dream of mine come true. It would be so great you consider my review.

    Kind Regards;

    Monalisa Alesana

    20 Fontenoy Street , Mt Albert Auckland

    Mobile : 0211583833

    Email :

  • How do we ?

    I really want to get a good friend into modeling she has what it takes looks and attitude but where do we begin and what do I need to do to become a scout because I have the eye for talent
  • recommended a cousin

    my cousin is a good canidate for a model many people actually say she has natural beauty,she is tall,her body is amazing.
  • Desir'ee Brya'nn Edwards

    Hello scouted just like every other girl i've always wanted to model :)...I have been asked to model before such as runway modeling for local malls. Im not really sure how to get noticed by you guys but you can view my facebook page. I have wanted to model ever since the age of eight. It started when I saw the move Life size with Tyra banks!!!! And all I could remember was how pretty she was :). SO I am now 19 wishing that somebody rather than just people around me ask... have you ever thought about modeling??? AND DISCOVER ME lol.I believe that I have what it takes to be a SUPERMODEL or the next TYRA or even better :) I have tried everything to get into modeling and for some reason its always a scam??? for once i would like to be blessed with a real real real chance at becoming what i've always wanted to be.
  • Please SCOUT Me :)

    Hello , My name is Dominique Oliveri and modeling is my dream life , i always wanted to become a model and pose for the camera . I got great talent , face expressions , and a very slim and skinny body . I know the camera will love me and also you guys will . I hope you see this and are interested in me thankyou

    I'm a 14 year old girl. I'm 5/11 I have always been

    interested in modeling. I live in Kentucky so please think

    about it. It would be a great decision.
  • Scout ME Please!

    I love this show and I really wanted to be scouted next! I live in the small town of Roxboro, NC and I've always been interested in modeling. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I know that if I am scouted I will make the agency and my family proud! Scout me please!
  • Check out my daughter........luv her...

    My daughter is so beautiful and has a amazing personality she has A + B s in school

    She is a blessings very good respectful girl 15 years old and dreams on being a architect, fashion designer, she has done photo shots ..and I think she would be great for your show

    Shes from Minnesota and a gorgeous latina..

    Nora g Saldana..
  • hi i will love for yall to see my bff.

    She have what you are looking for, come to Austin Texas, you won't regret. Pretty please.. :). Her name is Betzabel.
  • Julia

    Is sooo critical. Hasn't anyone else noticed she looks like a heroin addict! Otherwise I love the show and the inside look at the process.
  • Love It!!!!! WHAT ABOUT male MODELS??!!?? CHECK THIS GUY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We love this show, it's so addicting !!!!! I believe my son Josh would fit The show well :D

    What do you think????? A male show?!?!?

    God bless~

  • SCOUT ME from Puerto Rico!!!!!

    Im a 20 years old puertorican girl, my dream is to be scouted for modeling, Im tall 5"101/2 my weight is 100 pounds and since i was a child i love modeling, thats my passion. I would lov to make a career on this. Can i submit some pictures for your agency or tv show, people said i have a special latin beauty and i would love to have the chance for you to evaluate and se my pictures. Can you, if yes where should i send it and to whos attention? Thank you so much for an opportunity!!!!
  • Scout_Me_pLEASE

    My name is Daizah Polk and i live in Greenville,South Carolina. I watch and love this show, how ever I would one day like for people to watch me on T.V. I think i have a lot of the right qualities to be a model, I am very tall (5 foot 10.5 inches) to be exact, im VERY beautiful, and have a very nice shape and body. So please give scouting me a thought.
  • I am I to young to be scouted?

    Hello! My name is Diana Dioona maashi, I am 14 years old and I love to be a model.

    I know that Kimora Lee Simmons was 13 yrs old when she start modeling, So can you please scout me, I am 14 years old, I'll be 15 years old in Feb 20th and I'll love to get the chance to be scout it for model, every one been asking me if I am a model and I love to be one, so please please scout me out, my parents are full of supportive of me.
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