Scrapheap Challenge

Sunday 5:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Apr 12, 1998 In Season


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  • I really hate the new series. But the oldies... THAT'S HOW TO DO IT!!! 10 hours. A scrapyard of scrap. A machine to build. BRILLIANT

    My favourite episode (for this whole review I'll talk about the oldies which they still show on certain channels) with my favourite team, was also one of the nations favourite episodes was Car Flinger. Definately. I'll use this episode as an example of what happens. Two teams. The Barley Pickers (my favourite team) vs the Cat-alysts. It was the grand final so they had twenty hours to complete this one. The BP's went for a trebushet design (I'm not goood with the spelling) and the Cats went with a giant Mangonel. At the beggining there was already a fight over some metal. This episode hosted the record of the tallest structure on SC (the Trebuchet). Now for test day. The teams had to fling a Mini as far as they could. BP's went first and... the whole thing collapsed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the SC 4 that make it a good show. Task, the scrap the teams use, success and destruction. The Cats one worked (on it's 2nd go), it didn't fling it far, but they won. Scrapheap Challenge: OK
  • Good show

    In Scrapheap Challenge, a competition show, two teams of three people have to assemble, from a pile of junk parts, a device for some purpose, within ten hours building time (plus a little tinkering time before testing their devices). Then the two devices are put to the test in the challenge which decides the superior device. I.E in a catapult challenge the device which propels the projectile further is superior and wins.

    The show is quite entertaining and runs for a good hour on ABC 2 here, a nice extension after The Simpsons on TEN, and is quite good. The devices assembly is always interesting and there is humor as well, including an opening sketch which is usually good. The graphic demonstrations make it understandable to everyday viewers, not just trained engineers, and the challenges are simple. The devices themselves are usually the complex things, and usually obey, as do all mechanical devices, the simple laws of energy transference between components.

    All in all a smashing show.