Scrapped Princess

(ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Symphony of Those Who Protect
      With the tragic event from the end of the last episode, Shannon goes into a rage, and heads off to fight the Peacemakers. Raquel is in a similar shock, but before she can do anything, a strange light engulfs Pacifica and carries her away. Pacifica finds herself in a world where she meets Celia, who reveals her true identity. Meanwhile, Shannon, the Gigas, and the Peacemakers fight in outer space. With the world at an unstable equilibrium, Pacifica must make a decision on whether to keep living or to let Lord Mauser continue to govern the Earth.moreless
    • Oratorio of the Limited Ones
      it seems like things aren't going well for Pacifica then, since usually when such an event takes place in an anime right before the last episode, things turn to tragedy.
    • Rondo That Transcended Time
      The final confrontation is coming, and the good guys seem woefully unprepared. The Gigas are still regenerating, and even if only two Peacemakers would attack, there'd only be Shannon to stand in their way, with the rest of the Obstinate Arrow, Raquel and Leo to fight off any of the Royal Guard. Things are looking a bit bleak, but their camp is cheerful (I guess there's nothing they can do about it anyways). Meanwhile, the Peacemakers hatch their plan, a bit shorthanded now that Steyr is gone. In addition, it appears that Cz is having her doubts (come on Sim, you can do it!), and their lord has denied them the use of their most powerful form (of course in the end, I'm sure they'll use it, otherwise why go to the trouble of setting it up?). Speaking of the Peacemakers' lord, we're introduced to her. She bears a striking resemblance to Pacifica (no doubt a strange coincidence...) and talks about how man once reached for the stars (this shouldn't be a surprise to you, as we've had a space program for quite some time now), which displeased god. God decided to imprison man on earth then, building it in such a way that humanity wouldn't realize that they were being held back (the Matrixishness rears its ugly head again). There are still a few subplots going on, which is somewhat troubling this late in the game. First, Winia and Chris still haven't said a word to each other, and their (budding?) romance has really fallen by the wayside. Also, Forcis continues to be a player in the background (and by player, I mean non-player), I was really hoping that he, as Pacifica's twin, would play a larger role in the story. Speaking of romance, how about Leo and Pacifica? Okay, well clearly romance isn't important in this show... which is too bad, because there's a lot of potential. Seems like this show could benefit from being about twice as long (second season!).moreless
    • Passionate Song of the Lonely Diety
      Raquel summons the power of the wolf that swallows the moon (referring to an event at Ragnarok, where pursuing wolves swallow Sun and then Moon), so we get some more Norse goodness. Really though, I'm not sure why they decided to throw these random references in. Were they just too cheap to come up with their own magic system and related entities? To the surprise of few, Chris has finally come around and decided to save Pacifica. At least when it happens, I was glad to see that Chris' followers (the Obstinate Arrow) didn't immediately all pledge their support for his plan (even though they all agree to it in the end).moreless
    • Overture of the Holy Downfall
      Shannon, now fully fused with Zefiris, faces off against the three remaining Peacemakers. He's not alone, though, getting some help from some unexpected allies. The Peacemakers (led by Styer) have decided that they must remake the world, because of the actions of the humans. This involves killing ninety percent of the life on earth, and "resetting" it (I'm guessing popping technology back in time a bit). Action on all fronts here, as we see Chris and his associates battling rally points within the capitol, while Shannon (prior to the fight against the Peacemakers), tries to rescue Pacifica from the mad king.moreless
    • A Mother's Dreary Aria
      The creators of Scrapped Princess sure aren't afraid to let an episode title completely give away the plot of the show; this particular episode contains some moving emotional scenes at the end, and poor Pacifica...
    • Elegy of the Backalley
      While it was a emotional scene with Fulle dying at the end, I have to say it didn't really hit me as hard as character death in other series has done. Mainly, this is because Fulle was an extremely minor, and rather undeveloped character. Most of his character reacts and acts in a way that all the other characters acted when met with Pacifica. If it was Leo or Shannon who went, obviously I'd care more. But honestly, it almost feels like Fulle was introduced purely for the sake of dying. Well, yes he did more than that, but there was definitely opportunity for his character to be further developed, it just seems like it fell by the wayside, needing to follow too many subplots after the group was splintered. On the other hand, Leo gets a bit more development in this episode, with his feelings for Pacifica made a bit more clear, and also maturing as a person and knight. This was definitely overdue for him, especially since he's something of a major non-main character.moreless
    • Chansom of the Short Moment
      The troops and other assorted searchers are closing in on Pacifica's whereabouts. Leo and Winia are beginning to get nervous, and want to take Pacifica away, but she still refuses. We discover a little bit more about Fulle's history. Everyone's pretty much found Pacifica except for poor, exhausted Shannon, who hears the Peacemaker's point of view on the world and their role in it.moreless
    • Duel at the Riverbank
      After the action and adrenaline of the last episode, this one brings an emotional look at the aftermath of the casting of Ginnungagap and the separation of the Casull siblings. Pacifica, struck with amnesia, is living a happy, normal life with Fulle (whose past we have yet to delve into), who resembles Shannon, but dresses a bit more effiminately. A chance meeting between Raquel and Bergens (the priest from earlier in the series), leads to an even more chance meeting between Pacifica, Fulle, Leo, Winia, Raquel and Bergens. Raquel explains the situation to Pacifica, but she is unwilling to go with her, because she has no memories of her previous life. Raquel is reluctant to take Pacifica away because for the first time in a very long while, Pacifica is happy. She does not know that most of the country and the Peacemakers are looking for her, and she does not know she is the Scrapped Princess. Perhaps she can enjoy the normal life for a while longer... This is a very touching episode, as we see how all the various characters deal with Pacifica's situation. Shannon has become desperate, pushing himself to exhaustion as he searches for Pacifica (while being tailed and taunted by Cz). Leo obviously wants the old Pacifica back (ah, first love), while Winia seems saddened by the fact that her friend is lost (especially after being spurned by Chris).moreless
    • Opera of Strength and Strategy
      It is decided that Ginnugagap will be used to destroy the Skid, and as the crew aboard realizes this plan of action, they decide that their only choice is to retreat, at the expense of the thousands that the Peacemakers will kill. Unfortunately, the Peacemakers use their magic to bring down the defensive capabilities of the Skid, as well as anchor it in place, leaving it a sitting duck for Ginnugagap. As a last ditch effort, Shannon fuses with Zefiris in an attempt to defeat the Peacemakers, hoping that by drawing their attention, the Skid will be able to escape. Only Cz engages him, however, and the remaining two Peacemakers (Socom and Steyr) are still able to hold the Skid in place. The battle between Cz and Shannon (who is most likely hindered by the fact he still believes that Sim exists somewhere in Cz, and his inability to commit himself completely to the battle, lowers the power that he can utilize from Zefiris) is pretty specUnlike most anime, Scrapped Princess maintains one consistent style throughout the series, which is something that I like very much. Also, as we've had a lot of buildup in conflict in the last few episodes, it was good to see it all hit the boiling point.moreless
    • Lost Quintet
      Episode 14
      It took a while, but we get a whole slew of Norse references this episode! It's another Raquel spell, where she calls on Mjollnir (Thor's hammer) to aid her. Though, now that I think about it... the ship "Skid" is probably a shortening of "Skidbladnir", which was Freyr's boat. Also, the super weapon is referred to as Ginnungagap (which really doesn't make any sense, refrence-wise). Zefiris also makes reference to improved dragoons that were constructed in the past called Valkyries (which became the Peacemakers when brainwashed by the enemy). Soopy-kun! More explanations in this episode. Dragoons are controlled by dragoon knights (like Shannon), otherwise they are unable to fight with all of their potential. Natalie is trying to keep Pacifica and Co. from reaching the mainland to fight the Peacemakers, because she is sure that they will be defeated, and they will lose their chance to use the Providence Breaker against Mauser. To try and stop them, she brainwashes Shannon into wanting to protect Pacifica at all costs, even at the expense of millions of lives. It works, but Pacifica is able to enter Shannon's brainwashed mind and bring him back to the right path (and we get a look at Pacifica's childhood). This is a good scene, too, as Pacifica does exactly what you'd expect her to. Like I've said before, the characterizations in this show are spot on.moreless
    • Distant Ricordanza
      Episode 13
      Another episode, a little more backstory revealed. As it turns out, it appears that the world of Scrapped Princess is actually our world, somewhere between the year 6000 and 7000. Also revealed is that the Peacemakers not only cannot control the Providence Breaker (Pacifica), they are also unable to kill her, because they are not allowed to. There's an explanation that needs ruther explanation, otherwise it just seems like a convenient condition placed upon the super-powerful Peacemakers. All things said, using Skid (large, moving watercraft controlled by Scarlet) as a backdrop makes it so this entire episode could be passed off as a sci fi show. It's interesting how the character designs out outfits could be at home in either a science fiction or fantasy series. We get more hints about the dragoons hidden agenda in this episode, but still nothing concrete. Natalie is obviously up to something, but Zefiris does not look like she wants to play along (which leads me to suspect is has something to do with Shannon, who apparently bears a striking resemblance to Zefiris' old lord).moreless
    • Fight Song of the Two Princesses
      Zefiris explains to the party that the world is some sort of artificial layer that is maintained by the Peacemakers (not too many details, but it sounds more or less like the Matrix, except for the whole humans-as-energy-source angle). Providence is a law of sorts that makes it so that humans must obey the Peacemakers. The one exception is the Providence Breaker (as has been referred to previously), the Scrapped Princess. She is able to break their control, as well as make those around her break free of the Peacemakers. So, yeah, we're pretty Matrixy right now. Regardless, at the end of the episode, Cz informs Raquel, Shannon and Pacifica that they must go to the capital city (presumably to fight the remaining Peacemakers), or else they will begin to kill a thousand people every day.moreless
    • 7/2/03
      While the plot of Scrapped Princess is slowly ramping up, and more is revealed, the show continues to rely mainly on the strength of its characters. There's not a character that I don't like so far through (with the possible exception of the emotionless dragoons, but they're far too mysterious-like to get attached to). In this episode, we get to see Shannon's impeccable swordsmanship in action, and more of Raquel being her carefree self. As more of the details about the history of the world of Scrapped Princess are revealed, it is quite clear that this show takes place in a world where once technology ruled. Somehow, the dragoons were involved in this world, fighting in a battle called the Genesis War, which has been alluded to a few times, but never explained. The outcome of the Genesis War is fairly obvious, but the real nature of the dragoons and what their new objectives are (Natalie, the newly introduced dragoon, mentions something about Zefiris' former lord, and that Zefiris is only using Shannon temporarily), and what exactly Shannon's connection to all this is (the "D" in "D Knight"). Minor footnote, it's Leo in the Soopy-kun outfit! (Haha!) He's accompanying Winia on a journey, so we can only hope that they'll be rejoining the story proper soon. I'm surprised about Winia, I thought her part was done, though it was fairly obvious that Leo has a larger part to play than just be the goofy knight-in-training (larger part than just dressing up as Soopy-kun, I mean).moreless
    • Serenade of the Fake Princess
      At the hidden villege a weird ceremony has started. Pacifica worried about the old man Bergens, who was taken away, begins to search for him in case he was being picked on by Mauser haters.
    • 6/18/03
      As Pacifica and the others walk down a snowy path, they accidentally discover a village hidden by magic. It seems the villagers do not like them, and what is it that the village is hiding?
    • Bonds and Prayers Nocturne
      Appearing before Pacifica when she is alone, Zefiris tells the Scrapped Princess to kill the girl or Cin will kill her brother and sister. Pacifica cannot believe that the little girl could bring harm to her family, but when she tries to believe it, she is scorned by Shannon, who tries to convince her that Cin is just a little girl.moreless
    • The Castaway Dog Girl's Waltz
      The trio hold up in an abandoned house while they come up with a new plan to escape the kingdom. Shannon goes into the closest town to buy necessities and runs into a homeless girl. Taking her back home, he begins to dote on her, to the dismay of Pacifica.
    • The Knights' Enchanting Melody
      The poison seeping through Pacifica's body has been removed by the medicine retrieved by Raquel, Doyle, and Leo. Now that he knows that Pacifica is the Scrapped Princess, however, Leo begins to question the role of chilvary in knighthood. He has little time to think of such things when the Peacemaker Galil appears before Pacifica's caravan and kidnaps Raquel and Shannon.moreless
    • The Minstrel's Lullaby
      While travelling away from the city of Taurus, Pacifica, Shannon, Raquel, and Leopold meet up with an intinerant ministrel: A troubadour. However, Shannon has reservations about the man's motives and they leave the minstrel behind. Soon after, pursuing the bounty that has been placed upon the Scrapped Princess' head, the minstrel reappears.moreless
    • Meetings and Partings Concerto
      Winia has been captured by Chris so that she can be traded for Pacifica. Instead, Shannon leaves Pacifica and Raquel at the inn and sets off to take on Chris again.
    • The Unforgiven One's Cacophony
      Continuing on their journey, Pacifica and her group approaches a checkpoint. The Royal Force guards posted there are suspicious of Pacifica, but allow the group to pass when they see the family crest of the immature knight, Leo. While Pacifica, Shannon, Raquel, and Leo are able to pass through, the Royal Force is still leery of them and dispatches notice to the Royal Army. With the message received, the army heads out to the town that Pacifica and her group have stopped at.moreless
    • The Immature Knight's March
      A new knight joins the battle to save Pacifica. Unfortunately, he proves to be more bark than bite. However, he is able to distract the enemy long enough for Shannon to put the matter to an end.

      Pacifica allows the knight to join her group. His name is Leopold Scorpse. Sensing something special in Pacifica, but unable to articulate himself properly, Leo makes a rather hasty statement...moreless
    • The Castaway Cat-Princess' Overture
      A carriage carrying three people is stopped by a group of farmers wearing masks. The villagers tell the three to dismount the carriage and hand over the young girl in the caravan, the one who is known as the Scrapped Princess. The villagers say that she is a scourge who will bring nothing but sorrow to the land. Fortunately for the Princess, her two companions have sworn to protect her no matter what.moreless