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  • Scrapped Princess falls into the category of the better anime shows out there...

    I had high expectations when I checked out Scrapped Princess. At the time, I was fed up with all the unoriginal shows out there and wanted to find something new and exciting. I wanted something to make me laugh and cry and something I could actually enjoy. Scrapped Princess was just that!

    The plot's very simple: a princess is abandoned because she is fated to destroy the world when she turns 16. It's an amazing show! The characters are all enjoyable, even though the plot could have been a little better, it's still amazing, and the score is excellent. If you want to watch a good anime, watch Scrapped Princess.
  • A hidden gem of a show.

    A story of a young princess who is terrorized because of an ancient prophecy foretelling the destruction of the world caused by the Princess on her 16th birthday, so she is hidden away believed to be dead. But when they are told she still alive they start a hunt to find her and have her killed. The Princess heads out on the journey of a life time with her step brother and sister on the run from the soldiers. They meet many interesting people on the way, some friends and some foes. and some old foes become new friends. Over all definitely an anime worth watching.
  • An excellent and underappreciated show.

    The show is set in a strange medieval world and follows an abandoned princess who it is believed will destroy the world when she reaches 16 years old. As such numerous assassins come to take her life and she is protected only by her adoptive siblings Shannon (a very gifted swordsman) and Raquel (a powerful sorceress). thus the family travels the world trying to protect pacifica until she comes of age.

    This is a very good show. Although it starts off slowly a much larger and more interesting storyline quickly begins to emerge. The characters are good although Pacifica is a little bit annoying for my taste, and the voice acting is excellent.
  • this shows can be set in two words watch it

    The story takes place in a fantasy world and revolves around a 15-year-old girl Pacifica Casull who is a girl child born in a set of twins into the royal family of the kingdom Leinwan and then abandoned. The 5111th Grendel Prophecy predicts that she is the "poison that will destroy the world" before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. As a consequence, she is dropped off a cliff as an infant. Believed to be dead, no one realizes her continued existence until after Pacifica is already 15 years old.

    Pacifica is rescued by a court wizard and adopted by the commoner Casull family. Her foster siblings - Shannon, loner swordsman, and Raquel, motherly magician - became her protectors. Both siblings are extremely powerful, and more often than not they easily break out of whatever difficult situation they face.

    Her siblings travel with her throughout most of the story, protecting her from the numerous attempts on her life by people who fear the outcome of the prophecy, should she survive. Both siblings' skills see constant use. By contrast, Pacifica is a mostly typical fifteen-year-old, and her inability to defend herself is a recurring source of self-doubt for her. As the series progresses, the truth about the prophecy slowly comes to light, and even as the more of the truth is revealed, more questions arise. Pacifica must discover her hidden destiny, even as powerful beings that are not human who are supposedly the gods of this world - continuously fight against each other, over her fate, seeking to either protect or destroy her. It turns out that Pacifica is not in fact "a poison who will destroy the world" in that sense...but in fact mankind's last hope, and all part of a plan. A plan that was set in motion a long, long time ago by not primitive humans but highly intelligent and advanced ones, at that. Can destiny be written beforehand? The answer lies deep in the past, five thousand years ago during the Genesis Wars...
  • A fantasy adventure that ends up being a mecha sci fi. Sounds unique? Yeah, on the outside, but in the interior, Scrapped Princess is very average.

    What if you were destined to be damned for the rest of your life? That your very existence meant humanity was going to end? This is the life that Pacifica Casull lives. Labeled as the Scrapped Princess, she was prophesied to bring the world to an end at the age of 16 and was thrown off a cliff at birth. Pacifica survived and this fact remained a secret for 15 years. With the secret out, the church and government are doing their best to rid the world of Pacifica Casull before the destined day comes when she turns 16. Her older brother and sister Shannon and Raquel who are very skilled fighters, are not going to make it easy.

    Scrapped Princess at first seemed like a medieval adventure about slaying dragons and knights with a little twist to it. While there are knights and its fair share of dragons, Scrapped Princess isn't your ordinary middle aged anime. When the story starts unraveling, you actually get that mecha anime type of feel to it. It is as if the middle aged interface is there to throw you off guard.

    Though I'm not docking points off for that. Scrapped Princess was an interesting watch in its own right with an interesting story, an unexpected plot twist, and an all right cast. Actually, that is being generous. The cast is average at best. You will really feel no attachment to the characters. Events just roll and it is as if the characters are there just to serve their role. That missing connection is the one vital thing that Scrapped Princess is lacking to be an excellent anime. Not to say they are living dolls, but the cast is just very ordinary and average that does not separate itself from other characters in other animes. There are instances when you will get really annoyed of Pacifica. Since she is the Scrapped Princess, she whines almost every episode whether or not she should live or die, and this small nuisance of a conflict doesn't get handled until the last two episodes.

    The story when it starts to unravel is interesting, however, other than that one big plot twist, which happens like 14 episodes deep, it just seems to stop. There is a useless arc where Pacifica forgets her memories and they spend like 7 episode trying to relocate each other after being separated. You have that urge to keep watching until the very end, but nothing really happens afterwards. The ending also isn't the most pleasing. It feels more obligatory than anything and a dissatisfying taste will be left in your mouth.

    If Scrapped Princess could be described in one sentence, it is a fantasy adventure that is really a sci fi, and it is very ordinary and average. There is really nothing that Scrapped Princess excels in except for its one big plot twist, and that plot twist was a bit ruined because that was basically all to its story. However that is not to say that Scrapped Princess should not be watched. Scrapped Princess is actually constructed pretty good, but a few holes and incomplete areas bar it severely from being an excellent watch.
  • A young girl, abandoned at birth, trying to figure out her destiny that is larger than anyone could imagine while her own country tries to kill her.

    After seeing the first disc I unsure how much I would enjoy the story however as it progressed I became more and more intrigued. As others have said this mixes the perfect amount of action and character development. I will not dive to deep into the story because you need to see it to believe it. The weapons, or dragoons, are by far some of the coolest characters; I saw emotion come from them that I did not expect. The characters are deep and moving; Pacifica, Shannon, and Raquel are the closest siblings I have ever seen in anime and I love it! No matter what that world throws at them they always stand side by side ready and waiting to over come it. I loved the sibling rivalry between Pacifica and Shannon it was picture perfect and I could tell even while they fought that they truly cared for one another. Raquel is the balance between the two she can get angry but only when it is absolutely necessary. Moving on though the end was very well done and I did enjoy it I don't know of a better way to wrap up the story. This is by far one of the more complete series that I have ever watched. Pick it up and take a look!
  • I am in love with this show!

    Okay so Pacifica is destined to destroy the world. (Nice fate eh?) When i saw the first episode i fell in love with the show. Just the feeling of it is fabulous. And the action is great too. The characters seem so real and human like instead of most sci-fi anime. I have just started the show on netflix and i absolutley was hooked on it when i saw the begining song and opening. But the worst part was it only had 4 episodes :( So the show is action packed, humorous, and sad/deppressing. I haven't seen the end, but when i saw the first episode i thought i wish they made a movie of this. Well so it's about a princess destined to destroy the world as i said before and her siblings are trying to help her ( so sweet) right where i am now they introduced her brother and i can't wait to see what happens next!
  • I cannot explain to you my love of this show, how sad I was at the end, except to tell you I stayed up till 4:50 this morning to finish it.

    I loved this show. Four words that are a complete truth. The beginning was a bit slow, but by the end I just couldn\'t stop watching it! It is so awesome. It has a great plot line, I love the anime, awesome suspense, and it even has a COMPLETE ENDING (not like the ones that you wonder...oh, what\'s gonna happen when whositsface and whatshisname do what and what). It even completes the pairings in the series (although I can dream about me and Chris or Fulle).
    I would say that this definitely goes on my top favorites, because I think it was a brilliantly done piece of work. I didn\'t really pay attention to the opening and ending themes, but that was because I wasn\'t really into the music.
    I hope you have fun watching this amazing anime,
  • An abandoned princess buried into darkness right after birth, she was prophesied to destroy the world at the age of 16. Adopted as the youngest of the Kasull siblings and with her 16th birthday nearing, suddenly the whole world has turned against her.


    Animation - 8.7
    Great animation, yet simple. Every character is beautiful in its own unique way, but some of the characters might appear too simple or plain. The backgrounds, magic spells and peacemaker fights, are beautifully done.

    Story - 9.5
    The most important things and because of it, Scrapped Princess is so great. Almost 16 years ago, there was a prophecy that said that there was going to be a princess that would destroy the world. The king sent a knight to throw the baby off a cliff but she survived. She was adopted by the Kasull family. Shannon and Raquel Kassul have sworn to protect her from hordes of assasins that now come to claim the princess's life before she turns 16.

    Audio - 8.7
    Personally i didn't like the opening, but the closing song i did love. That aside, the series's background music is almost perfect, how it fits with every situation. The japanese voice actors also did a great job with each character since every voice matches every character's unique personality.

    Characters - 9.8
    This is another one of those things that this anime series did flawlessly, if has an amazing cast of characters, each with their own individual personality. Every character has a conflict and every one of them has to deal with the fact that Pacifica is the Scrapped Princess who will destroy the world when she turns 16 yet she is so kind hearted that they cant believe that she will destroy it.

    Entertainment Value - 10
    This series is so good, that you just want to continue watching episode after episode and you forget that its only 24 episodes long. Even though 24 episodes sound long, they are so entertaining that it only seems like 13. Like they say, "time flies when you are having fun", and infact it does when you watch this. One of the best anime series out there, and i highly recommend it.

    Overall - 9.34