Scrapped Princess

(ended 2003)





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  • A fantasy adventure that ends up being a mecha sci fi. Sounds unique? Yeah, on the outside, but in the interior, Scrapped Princess is very average.

    What if you were destined to be damned for the rest of your life? That your very existence meant humanity was going to end? This is the life that Pacifica Casull lives. Labeled as the Scrapped Princess, she was prophesied to bring the world to an end at the age of 16 and was thrown off a cliff at birth. Pacifica survived and this fact remained a secret for 15 years. With the secret out, the church and government are doing their best to rid the world of Pacifica Casull before the destined day comes when she turns 16. Her older brother and sister Shannon and Raquel who are very skilled fighters, are not going to make it easy.

    Scrapped Princess at first seemed like a medieval adventure about slaying dragons and knights with a little twist to it. While there are knights and its fair share of dragons, Scrapped Princess isn't your ordinary middle aged anime. When the story starts unraveling, you actually get that mecha anime type of feel to it. It is as if the middle aged interface is there to throw you off guard.

    Though I'm not docking points off for that. Scrapped Princess was an interesting watch in its own right with an interesting story, an unexpected plot twist, and an all right cast. Actually, that is being generous. The cast is average at best. You will really feel no attachment to the characters. Events just roll and it is as if the characters are there just to serve their role. That missing connection is the one vital thing that Scrapped Princess is lacking to be an excellent anime. Not to say they are living dolls, but the cast is just very ordinary and average that does not separate itself from other characters in other animes. There are instances when you will get really annoyed of Pacifica. Since she is the Scrapped Princess, she whines almost every episode whether or not she should live or die, and this small nuisance of a conflict doesn't get handled until the last two episodes.

    The story when it starts to unravel is interesting, however, other than that one big plot twist, which happens like 14 episodes deep, it just seems to stop. There is a useless arc where Pacifica forgets her memories and they spend like 7 episode trying to relocate each other after being separated. You have that urge to keep watching until the very end, but nothing really happens afterwards. The ending also isn't the most pleasing. It feels more obligatory than anything and a dissatisfying taste will be left in your mouth.

    If Scrapped Princess could be described in one sentence, it is a fantasy adventure that is really a sci fi, and it is very ordinary and average. There is really nothing that Scrapped Princess excels in except for its one big plot twist, and that plot twist was a bit ruined because that was basically all to its story. However that is not to say that Scrapped Princess should not be watched. Scrapped Princess is actually constructed pretty good, but a few holes and incomplete areas bar it severely from being an excellent watch.