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  • Season 2
    • The Leopard's Spots
      Lyndsay has persuaded Terry to bring in a management consultant and he promises to be all ears. Meeting supervisors takes Terry out of his comfort zone. Over the next week, things start running better, until a friendly prank by a neighbouring yard results in everyone being showered in white powder. The yard is a total mess but that's not the worst of it.moreless
    • You Can't Get the Staff
      With Lyndsay unhappy that Terry publicly sacked their son Jon, all is not well at the Walker home. The yard is a refuge for Terry, who is concentrating on what he does best: making money. He is on a mission to get the lads to remove every valuable part before cars get crushed - but even offering them financial incentives doesn't work, and Terry loses his temper.moreless
    • Many Happy Returns
      Following a difficult year, it is Terry and Lyndsay's last chance to get the yard running right so they can hand it onto their children. Terry sacrifices a day's takings to put the lads in a training session on cutting tools, but everyone feels the stress when the session starts to fall apart. Elsewhere, daughters Jemma and Cathy organise a surprise party for Lyndsay's 50th birthday.moreless
  • Season 1