Scratch + Burn

MTV - Music Television (ended 2002)


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Scratch + Burn

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Four guys (Dragon, GQ, Jordan, and JAQ) play all different types of characters in this new sketch series on MTV. The show was part of MTV's short-lived Saturday night line-up called "The Hook-Up" that the network had in 2002.

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  • it's like saturday night live but it's actually funny.

    One of the best shows MTV has ever's a classic and should of ran for more than one's a shame it was cut but suckie shows like "punk'd" and "parental control" arent... mtv wouldnt know talent if it hit them in the balls..scratch and burn needs to be put back on air!!!...
  • This is a greatly hilarious show, with smart sketches and raps.

    One tip for the upsoming Comedy Writers: Never Go To MTV. You will notice that 100% of all comedies that appear on MTV (No matter how brilliant) will be shortly cancelled. Clone Hugh USA is another brilliant examply. The Andy Milonakis Show and Wild Boyz have been moved to MTV2, which will be the home to the New Celebrity Deathmatch. Punk'd is really stupid. Homewrecker is decent, I have no idea how Viva La Bam has lasted, but I think it's over. Beavis and Butthead, if they were here today, would be cancelled because it's funny, and --GASP-- they play music videos! FULL music videos! Come on, MTV.moreless
  • excellent!

    It was a great show, mtv should have never pulled the plug! There were some verry funny skits and hillarious rapping. It was so good it even inspired me to start writting lyrics, and to this day I still use the same rap song that I made up while whatching the show. What an inspiration!!!
  • Intelligent, hilarious show.

    Unfortunately it was on MTV during the period when MTV was showing and canceling great shows repeatedly. 3 South, Undergrads, Clone High, Scratch + Burn, all cut so they can make a 50th season of Real World. They may not be the best rappers on earth, but the skits were hilarious. The 1 minute Hamlet skit has got to be one of the best things ever shown on MTV (not that it has much competition.)moreless