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Tuesday 12:00 AM on Spike TV Premiered Oct 10, 2006 Special


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  • the 2007 SCREAM AWARDS on Spike TV aired last nite. An award showed for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Comic Books

    Last nite was the 2007 Scream Awards on Spike TV. This was the first time i've seen this awards show and it was pretty good. Lasting 2 hours (unlike the ungodly 3 to 4 hours of Academy Awards) it was well put together and very intertaining. You can tell this show was mostly geared towards men but with guests like Sid Haig, Rob Zombie, Quentin Tarintino, and Kevin Smith you cant go wrong. Some of the catagories and awards seemed staged such as the award for best Action Hero given to Harrison Ford by Shia LaBeouf who just so happens to be starring with Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie. I was also i bet miffed that Tim Burton wasnt there but still unseen trailers for his new movie Sweeny Todd more than made up for it. All in all a really good awards show! A in my book.......
  • The first ever award show that honours Horror and Sci TV and Movies....

    I watched the first ever Scream Awards (2006) and I truly loved em. It is the first award show that honours Sci and Horro TV and Movies. There were so many well known actors there aswell as great horror directors. It was a fun show with great awards such as: Best Horror movie, Best TV Show, Best Mutalation and many more! It had great clips from movies and shows also which were so cool and gory! I love horro and this show is what it's all about! So if you want a scare and some fun, I recommend you tune in next October (2007) and watch these awards!