Scream Test

Network Ten (ended 2001)


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  • Excellent reality show!

    Finally, paranormal fans & wannabe ghost hunters alike had a spook fest of strange occurences, mixed with psychological intrige!

    Airing in Australia in 2001, Scream Test is still remembered fondly by ghost & reality TV fans not only in Australia, but also many other countries around the world.

    This psychological reality game show often described as "Survivor meets the Blair Witch Project" was hosted by Aussie actor, Louise Crawford.

    Scream Test followed 20 (sometimes) brave contestants through some of Australia's most haunted locations.

    Joining the contestants were psychic counselors - Ruth Wilson and Max Wright - who visited each location prior to the show to see what they could 'pick up'.

    Max and Ruth also offered 'spiritual' support to spooked contestants.

    Off camera other crew included producers, camera operators and a registered nurse.

    Scream Test ran for seven one hour shows. 4 new contestants were introduced in each of the first 5 shows with 3 contestants per episode being eliminated.

    This left 5 winners to compete in the Grand Final location which was not revealed prior to it being aired.