Screech Owls

YTV (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sam's Secrets
      Sam's Secrets
      Episode 14
    • Night At The Opera
      Night At The Opera
      Episode 13
      A popular band, Wave is in town to record a song and the old opera house is chosen for it's acoustics. But it's been closed for years because it is rumoured to be haunted. When the band's producer has a mysterious encounter, the session is abruptly ended. The Screech Owls must find out about the ghost that Simon saw in the opera house and they discovered a lot of information about the band's producer. He stole music from many artists such as the one hiding in the opera house, who was believed to be dead, and he was trying to record music from Wave, so he can steal the lyrics.moreless
    • Sacred Ground
      Sacred Ground
      Episode 12
      Sam and Sarah find a native artefact and which they bring to a local expert to determine whether the condos being built on the site will disturb an ancient burial ground. Then the pendant goes missing and the Owls have to figure out who's behind the theft. They figure it was Dr. Roe (who they had left to find out if it was a genuine artefact) because she was the last one to hold onto it, and she was being very clumsy and having a lot of bad luck (the Screech owls also suffered bad luck when they held onto the artefact). She was also investing in a stock so she can return to her dig site, and that stock was the area where the possible burial ground was found and construction was held off until they confirm that it was a burial ground.moreless
    • Re-Programming Nish
      Nish, the only witness, sees Simon grabbed by some criminals, but suffers amnesia when, as he dodged the escaping van, he smacked his head. Sarah and Travis know something is wrong and it's up to them to prove that something has happened. Nish struts around, having an extremely different personality. While at Roy's he sees one of the men that grabbed Simon, but he could not remember where he had seen him. The criminal explains to him not to turn him in, because it was his brother who forced him to help. Nish brings the criminal to his brother, and made them talk to each other and get back together while he released Simon and his parents.moreless
    • Screen Shot
      Screen Shot
      Episode 10
      Toronto Maple Leaf Kris King is in Tamarack for a quiet getaway. Then, when he goes missing, all the clues point to Mr. D as the kidnapper. The Owls have to search for clues as to who would want to frame Mr. D and what has happened to Kris!
    • Kidnapped In Tamarack
      The Czech Republic's greatest Bantam player, Slava Virnov is in town. Despite being a great hockey player, good-looking, funny, wealthy and an all-round nice guy, he envies the freedom of the Owls until Samantha and "Nish" decide to find a way to help him. The group discovers that Slava Virnov was an extremely good hockey player and the girls love him. But, he was not allowed to be able to go out and hang around with other kids because of a kidnapper out there, leader - Gold Tooth, ready to snatch him. That was why he had a bodyguard with him all the time. Slava, Nish and Samantha distract the Virnov's bodyguard and escape to have some fun on their own. And as expected, Gold Tooth and his team was on their tracks and were able to nabbed them all. They demanded a ransom while Travis and Sarah try to search for their location. The three kids that were captured were able to devise a clever plan and escape while the guard that was looking after them was extremely stupid, and damaged his own health...moreless
    • Instant Replay
      Instant Replay
      Episode 8
      When Simon and Nish help a sick man in the park, he gives them an old map of Tamarack and a hunt begins for the treasure marked by an 'x'. When the map is stolen they will have to think fast if they want to beat the thief to the treasure.moreless
    • Sam's Secret
      Sam's Secret
      Episode 7
      The Owls are impressed with their new teammate, a hotshot from out West, except for Nish, who thinks there is more to this than meets the eye. When things go missing around the arena, the rest start to wonder if the suspicions are correct. They believe that the new teammate, Samantha was the one who stole the autographed Toronto Maple Leaf jersey and the fundraiser money, but they found out that she was protecting her brother. The team must convince Samantha to encourage her brother to return all the stuff he stole and stop moving away all the time after their family settles into a nice place.moreless
    • Gold
      Episode 6
      The first female professional hockey player is in town to conduct a hockey clinic and as inspiration she's brought along her gold medals. When the medals go missing the Owls discover her medals drew more than just hockey fans to Tamarack. The Screech Owls discover two crooks who were trying to steal the gold medals to sell.moreless
    • Simon Said
      Simon Said
      Episode 5
      When the Screech Owls win the first annual Lapine Cup, Simon is less than impressed. Lapine has a spotty past with rumours of environmental wrong-doings. He's determined to prove that Lapine is not as 'clean' as it claims, while trying to help Nish with his assignments to make him not fail his course and drop out of the Screech Owls. For Travis' assignment, he decides to interview and obtain information about Lapine cosmetics, and discovers that he continuously sneezed while he was on the premises, and the only thing he was allergic to was Rabbits...moreless
    • The Company
      The Company
      Episode 4
      Travis and Larry witness a small plane crash. But by the time they return with the police, it's gone! Then the area is off limits as men in white suits spray 'pesticides' on the crash site.
    • Face Off
      Face Off
      Episode 3
      An international pop-star is secretly visiting the Alderbrook Clinic just outside of Tamarack. Nish's attempts to capitalize on the chance sighting by getting photos of her, sets the Owls on a collision course with a ruthless embezzler. Nish was recording outside to search for Brianna Styles, and finds out that she was having plastic surgery on her nose, and the recorder got a glimpse of another patient that was going through surgery so he can escape the law. Sarah and Travis are caught snooping around the clinic, and they are caught discovering the person who was trying to get away from a crime, by going through plastic surgery.moreless
    • Mini-Motors
      Episode 2
      When Tamarack Arena goes up for sale and rumours fly that the new owner is going to tear it down, Harvey Melman comes to the rescue and buys the rink and everyone thinks the crisis is over. He decided to use the arena for more purposes and just a hockey rink, and he put the Screech Owls players in his commercials, advertising his products, which interfered with their practise time for upcoming games. He also promoted a "MiniMotors" jersey for their new team, the "Tamarack Mini-Motors", which led to Coach Muck and Travis' resignations from the team. When will this madness stop and when will they return to a real hockey game? Travis, Nish, Sarah, and Simon discovered something strange about Harvey, and they decided to check him out, and they find something very interesting...moreless
    • Horror On River Road
      Coach Muck introduced the Screech Owls to a new sport, Rugby and introduced his old coach, Mr. Fontaine, who was a man who has a shady past in Tamarack. Travis started having visions of a ghost and discovers that it was Liam, who was the Rugby player under the coaching of Mr. Fontaine. Fontaine was believed to be the murderer of this young boy, by many folks in Tamarack including Travis' father. Travis and Nish set off to go to Mr. Fontaine's creepy old cabin, surrounded by a forest. And they were stopped by Mr. Fontaine, they had to make up a good excuse (to teach them new rugby tips), so the old man taught them the "Muck Munro" and Nish encouraged Travis to enter the deep dark forest to find out if Fontaine was really a killer. Travis trips over and discovers someone's skeleton...moreless
  • Season 1